Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM) has released two new television commercials (TVC) for Cellarbrations and The Bottle-O. 

Collectively, the videos showcase the value independent stores offer, while also individually celebrating the different brand identity of each banner. Josh Gaudry, ALM’s General Manager of Marketing, explained the approach to National Liquor News. 

“As part of our broader marketing strategy, we are implementing the ‘long and short’ principles of brand building which include a balance of short term tactical with the long term brand building. Our TVCs for Cellarbrations and The Bottle-O fall squarely in our long term brand building strategy,” Gaudry said. 

“We think it is important to build the appeal of our brands through things that matter most to shoppers and what they want from a retail experience. Our research told us simple things like being friendly and welcoming, being knowledgeable, having a bit of fun are important.”

To do this, the Cellarbrations TVC focuses on the knowledge and expertise of the retailer while showing their relationship with the customer. The tag line ‘that calls for Cellarbrations’ is a theme throughout.

The 45 second video follows a couple who have just moved into a new house. Having spent the day unpacking boxes, they go out to get takeaway pizza and duck into Cellarbrations, where they meet retailer Paul. 

The three introduce themselves, the couple explains their situation and Paul recommends a wine in response. The last part of the video shows the couple continuing to unpack boxes that night, being impressed by the recommendation, which leads them to say they will be happy in this new place.

“For Cellarbrations, shoppers told us that they perceive the brand to be a little bit of a step-up and a little bit more knowledgeable. We used these insights to develop the new communications platform of ‘That Calls for Cellarbrations’,” Gaudry said. 

“Through all our comms… we will showcase our retailers as being the ones that know exactly what drink to recommend for each occasion.”

A still from the end of The Bottle-O TVC.



The TVC for The Bottle-O is a bit different, with a 60 second video that remixes the iconic tune of Walking On Sunshine. 

It follows a retailer getting up and walking to work, interacting with different members of the local community along the way. The people along the way sing changed lyrics to the song, emphasising how the retailer is a local they all know, before the video ends with him in store.

“For The Bottle-O, it is all about showcasing the role of the local bottle shop owner in his local community. Not everyone understands that our stores are run by independent retailers, we think that is a message worth communicating,” Gaudry said.

“It’s also just a simple reminder of the category we work in. Not everything has to be so serious. The Bottle-O campaign at its core is really just having a bit of fun. The Walking On Sunshine soundtrack is universally known and we think it is impossible not to hear our version and not have a little smile.”

The ads are set to be broadcast in two bursts throughout the rest of the year over Free To Air TV channels, including during some of the highest rating shows, from 60 Minutes to the Big Bash League and more. Gaudry said ALM is excited to see the campaign and the brands come to life on screen, as they continue with the group’s overarching goals. 

He said: “We are excited about the journey we are undertaking. The [TVCs] fit perfectly with our overarching marketing strategy to bring our brands to life and are certainly in line with our broader business purpose of Championing Successful Independents.”

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