In the 2023 National Liquor News Industry Leaders Forum, Brown Family Wine Group discussed the wins coming from new product development and innovation.

For Dean Carroll, CEO of Brown Family Wine Group (BFWG), NPD has given the company tremendous stimulus in 2022, and will continue to do so over the next 12 months.

One example of this from 2022 was with the launch of a Tarrango wine under the Brown Brothers label. Tarrango is an Australian grape strain first developed by CSIRO in the 1960s, but a new wine expression of this varietal had not been introduced to the Australian market since the 1980s. As part of the promotion for this new product, BFWG worked with Foxtel on documentary, Next in Wine: Survival & Succession, to tell this story.

“Tarrango has been relaunched very successfully this year and the opportunity will continue to grow as consumers look for softer reds often chilled to better meet the environment in which we live,” Carroll said.

“We created and released a Foxtel documentary on the development of Tarrango, a unique refreshing red varietal, and the Brown Brothers generational family story which has so far been viewed by over 160k people, with sales of Tarrango exceeding expectations.”

This new product will continue to be a focus for BFWG in the year ahead, alongside many other NPD initiatives.

“We are very excited about our NPD pipeline and some of the potential we see for our recently released NPD. In 2022 we released our Brown Brothers Zero range with Moscato, Prosecco and Prosecco Rosé and we see huge potential in both the Low and Zero space over the upcoming year,” Carroll explained.

“These products have opened up new routes to market for our brands and ultimately access to a new consumer base which is very exciting.

“We are particularly excited about the opportunity we see for Fiano with its easy drinking flavoursome style and will be investing in building its awareness and adding more to our portfolio in the year ahead to complement our current Brown Brothers offerings.

“Our goal with much of our NPD this year will focus on recruitment into wine and rejuvenating wine as an option for younger consumers. In recent years those consumers have clearly been reluctant to enter the category which is a concern and an opportunity for the wine industry.”

Major objectives in Tasmania and e-commerce

Carroll identified that 2023 is likely to bring some difficult economic times, but he nevertheless sees a chance to increase awareness for BFWG.

“We see a great opportunity to build our brands for future prosperity and double down on our focus on customer, shopper and consumer,” Carroll said.

“Early in the year we are upweighting our platforms in the e-commerce space to enable greater connection and agility with our direct customers particularly those who visit or have visited our cellar doors.”

BFWG’s ongoing and deepening connection with Tasmanian wine will also be an opportunity for 2023.

“When we purchased our Tasmanian vineyards in 2010 it was always with the long term in mind,” said Carroll.

“Our goal is to make the best possible wine from the beautiful region of Tasmania with particular focus on premium Pinot Noir and sparkling. Ultimately once our production grows, we would love to take these wines to the world and show how magnificent Tasmanian wine can be.”

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