O’Brien, Australia’s most awarded gluten free beer, has launched its popular Pale Ale and Premium Lager in new 4X4 375ml can packs.  The move was driven by increased trade and consumer demand for the brand to be available in a convenience pack.

Says founder, John O’Brien, “Our consumers are health conscious and are often engaged in outdoor activity. We want to ensure they can take along a pack of O’Brien cans to any occasion and enjoy their beer of choice.”

The Pale Ale and Premium Lager are batch brewed from ancient grains and perfect for drinkers looking for craft quality and taste without compromise.  The competitively priced 4-pack should also encourage trial by those consumers looking for beer that complements their lifestyle.

The new 4X4 375ml can packs are available from all major wholesalers.

For more information, please call 1300 432 337 or email the O’Brien sales team at sales@rebellion.com.au or visit www.rebellionbrewing.com.au.

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