Popular vermouth brand, Regal Rogue, launched in 2011 as the first native Australian vermouth in over 20 years. Since then it has grown into a number of different markets and has collected numerous international awards along the way.

With the vermouth category tipped to grow by almost six per cent over the next two years, Regal Rogue has been at the forefront of the craft brands that have turned around the vermouth category over the last five years.

As both the whole category and Regal Rogue prepare to make the most of the growth and push to accelerate it further, the brand’s founder, Mark Ward acknowledges that the time has come to look for people and investment who can really help push Regal Rogue to the next level.

“The day has come as a craft brand for us to acknowledge what we have achieved to date and what we need to continue to disrupt the vermouth category,” Ward told TheShout.

“Our skill shortage has always been on an executive, supply-chain and back-office level, and rather than invest in this we’re reaching out to see who is there as the timing feels right for the brand and us as a team for this kind of integration.”

Regal Rogue has scored some big wins recently that help to both highlight the brand’s potential and make it attractive to an investor.

In the UK Regal Rogue recently launched nationally across Waitrose supermarket stores and the brand also recently won the tender to be the exclusive vermouth for Virgin Atlantic. This will see Virgin Atlantic passengers served the vermouth pre-flight and during flight across all 40 planes and in the clubhouses.

Ward added: “We are in three key high-volume markets, we have a strong core team driving the brand and have achieved a good margin as a craft brand. With our anticipated move to organic wine across the range in March we want to kick our forecasts beyond our own expectations with a fresh structure.

“This is a team decision to drive how we move forward, and we are receptive to majority investment stake or acquisition to start 2019 fresh and ready to maximise the growing global trend across the category.”

In terms of how that investment can look, Ward told TheShout: “I am receptive to investment to release majority equity with an active investor bringing expertise to take Regal Rogue to the next level.

“This is a great opportunity for someone who has a history in taking a brand that is at the forefront of a trend and really taking it to the next level.

“We have had some major wins based on the size of team we are, but to really put Regal Rogue on the global map we would like to welcome in a team and network that takes us beyond where we are. It is an exciting time and I would love to see someone help us make Regal Rogue a global success, and seeing where we can take the brand with the right partnership.

More information on the investment opportunities can be found through Ward via the Regal Rogue website.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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