It was the year 1887, in Speyside Scotland, when William Grant built the Glenfiddich Distillery with the help of his seven sons and two daughters.

This home base of Glenfiddich, which means ‘valley of the deer’, was finished in a single year, turning William’s dreams into a reality.

And today, William Grant & Sons (WG&S) is embracing this heritage behind the iconic whisky, relaunching with a more sophisticated and elegant design that celebrates its maverick beginnings and family origins.

The new look has a chiseled profile, featuring a V-shaped valley cut into the glass with the Glenfiddich gold embossed stag sitting within. Along with the physical change, they have rebranded the 12 and 15 year old whiskies to be known as ‘Our Original Twelve’ and ‘Our Solera Fifteen’, respectively being a nod to the brand’s signature expression and their celebration of the Solera system.

Marketing Manager for Whisk(e)y at WG&S, Kristie Asciak, describes the relaunch as being motivated by growing interest in luxury spirits from both new and existing consumers.

“We have seen consistent double digit growth for Glenfiddich,” Asciak said.

“It’s being driven by premiumisation but also an increasing trend, particularly amongst emerging whisky drinkers, towards exploration of new experiences, provenance and authentic brands.”

As the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whiskies and Australia’s number one seller in the category, Glenfiddich is often an easy choice for consumers looking to trade up to a luxury spirit. Their contemporary redesign will help illustrate this, adding further appeal to an already well-respected product.

Asciak said that Glenfiddich’s reputation: “Signals confidence for shoppers, be they first time malt shoppers trading up from blends, gifters unfamiliar with the category or wanting to impress, or regular malt shoppers seeking trade up options from a known brand they can trust.”

Retailers can find significant opportunity in encouraging customers to move towards luxury spirits, especially in the younger generation of shoppers who account for half of all global luxury growth. Glenfiddich’s premium range is a good choice to help you benefit from this trend, with products ranging from an RSP of $80, through to $50,000.

Rollout of the Glenfiddich redesign coincides with World Whisky Day (May 16), supported by a range of advertising and promotional material over the next 12 months to enhance brand status and keep relevant to consumers post-pandemic.

Top three retail tips

  1. Always stock a range that’s right for your store and its shoppers.
  2. Give older whisky variants more space, as they respond three times better to display.
  3. Consider a layout by taste and not region, as this resonates better with shoppers.

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