Retail Drinks Australia has hosted its second ever Annual General Meeting (AGM), for the first time being an entirely virtual event. 

A wide range of members logged on for the AGM, with attendees spanning across each of the different Retail Drinks membership categories. 

Michael Waters, acting CEO of Retail Drinks, presented the organisations annual report from the previous financial year, noting some of the great achievements during that time, in turning leading to positive member outcomes. 

“We are incredibly proud to have achieved such a significant amount in a short space of time as Retail Drinks, including the launch of our Online Alcohol Sale & Delivery Code of Conduct, extending trading hours for packaged liquor licences (PLLs) in multiple states and territories, advocating for liquor retail to be classified as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic and helping to save PLLs over $8 million in liquor licence fees through discounts and waivers,” Waters said. 

“Retail Drinks has also delivered a number of key member services outcomes, including our appointment by the Commonwealth Government as Small Business Digital Champions, hosting the inaugural Liquor Retail Summit and Retail Drinks Industry Awards in October 2019 and launching several new services and benefits to help members run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.”

John Carmody, Retail Drinks Chair, also recognised these successes in his address to the members. 

“The entire liquor industry has benefited enormously from the proactive work of Retail Drinks and this was reflected in ensuring that liquor retail was able to stay open whilst other industries were being shut down,” Carmody said.

“I am immensely proud of the way that Retail Drinks has responded to the significant and unexpected challenges which have emerged throughout 2020 and I look forward to the association continuing its stellar work on behalf of all liquor retailers and suppliers over the next three years.”

Looking to the future, Waters presented Retail Drinks’ new strategic plan, emphasising how important it was to continue positive momentum to meet the organisation’s core objective of enhancing the freedom to retail responsibly.

He said: “Our mission is clear – to ensure a stronger, more inclusive united voice for industry that is representative of all of Australia’s retail liquor industry. The next three years will see Retail Drinks focus on continuing to drive momentum and deliver value, by expanding our service offering, enhancing industry responsibility and changing the narrative by sharing our stories and promoting the good.”

No changes to the Retail Drinks board took place at this year’s AGM, as the current members were appointed with two year terms at the last AGM.

Brydie Allen

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