Dan Murphy’s has been named Liquor Store of the Year for the second year running in Roy Morgan’s 2023 Annual Customer Satisfaction Awards.

The award recognises customer satisfaction across 38 categories, as reported by more than 60,000 respondents. Monthly Customer Satisfaction winners in each category are recorded throughout the year, and the annual award goes to the company with the most monthly wins.

Agi Pfeiffer, Managing Director, Dan Murphy’s said that the award represents Dan Murphy’s high standard of customer service across its stores.

“To receive this award for the second year in a row is truly humbling and shows the hard work and dedication from all our team members, who always put customers first in everything they do. This is testament to the success that Dan Murphy’s continues to build on.

“Our My Dan’s loyalty program has more than five million active Dan’s members with a scan rate of around 80 per cent, solidifying us as one of the best loyalty programs in the country. All of this together shows how important it is to have customers remain at the heart of everything we do,” she said.

Dan Murphy’s also placed third in the Roy Morgan ‘Best of the Best’ Customer Satisfaction Award.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan, commended all businesses featured in the ‘Best of the Best’ Customer Satisfaction Award.

“Congratulations to all Annual Customer Satisfaction Award Winners highlighted here. We look forward to seeing which companies can retain their high ratings and continue providing excellent customer satisfaction over the next year,” she said.

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