The year 2020 has taught us nothing more than that in times of hardship and adversity, the liquor industry comes together to support its own. For Sailor Jerry, this has meant going back to its roots with the launch of an 18 month activation plan linked to ‘all in’ music.

Consumers are missing live music experiences and ‘all in’ moments and Sailor Jerry is helping to bring this back by supporting the industry and partnering with likeminded music brands.

The Sailor Jerry brand is synonymous with tattoos, with the brand’s namesake Norman Keith Collins aka Sailor Jerry being widely recognised as a key influence in the art of modern tattooing. It’s also synonymous with music, with the Sailor Jerry Festival being held every year to honour Collins’ legacy.

As such, in August Sailor Jerry launched a #supportyourlocalartist campaign, where the brand partnered with independent bands including The Dead Love, Polish Club and Eat Your Heart Out, to bring live music experiences back to Sydney and Australia.

Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador, Lucille Rose, said, “At Sailor Jerry, we stand strong and we stand together through tough times, adversity and hardship.”

It wouldn’t be Sailor Jerry without tattoos, so fans that managed to snap up one of the limited tickets had the opportunity to be inked with a new tattoo, allowing the brand to support tattoo artists as well as local music acts.

And the exclusive gigs were also live streamed across the Sailor Jerry Instagram page to allow fans right across the country to tune in, even if they were in lockdown.

“Our new music series is our commitment to standing fast and we’re looking forward to our fans joining us in getting behind the music industry and raising a glass to the legends that make it tick,” says Rose. “We may all be separated physically at the moment but if we stand fast together, we will come out the other end.”

To continue the music association into 2021, Sailor Jerry has signed up for a partnership with one of the world’s most iconic music brands, Rolling Stone.

Hannah Ellerkamp, Brand Manager for Sailor Jerry, told National Liquor News that ‘Sailor Jerry’ Norman Collins lived his life to the fullest going “all in” with everything he did. So for the Sailor Jerry brand it is all about partnering with other like-minded businesses – and Rolling Stone is one of those.

“Next year we will become the Platinum Partner for the Rolling Stone Awards. The event will be in March and that is probably as much as I can tell you but we are super excited to be a part of this exclusive event. There will be some really top talent performing and all I can say is watch this space,” she said.

And in speaking about what’s to come for the Sailor Jerry brand, Rose continued: “Just stay tuned for what we’ve got planned for next year because there’s going to be a lot of music, a lot of rum, a lot of tattoos and a lot of fun.”

This article orginally appeared in the October issue of National Liquor News.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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