Giesen Wines has been planting vines and making wine for nearly forty years. And throughout that time, various evolutions of the Giesen crest have been present on their distinctive bottles. 

In the present day, with the Giesen range growing and changing, the time was right to take the heritage and quality signified by the existing crest and give it an update. With new developments like the popular Giesen Estate Blush wines and the alcohol-removed Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Giesen 0%, it seems logical to make sure those same bottles and Giesen crest stayed as fresh and exciting as the wines. So we’ve updated our style, while staying true to our legacy – sharing in four decades of passion and craft. 

Giesen wanted their new crest to reflect the innovative, vibrant, driven crowd of people working to bring you your favourite wines, both old and new. They wanted classic, clean, and crisp – just like their wines. 

So the Giesen team are proud to present the updated Giesen crest, and some fresh new packaging to match. 

Giesen say their mission is to help friends and family enjoy life’s fruitful moments. “Our founders’ passion for wine began with the first glasses shared between grandfather and grandsons. After countless glasses enjoyed since, the occasion of sharing wine with our closest friends and family keeps us making it today for those around the world to do the same,” says Giesen Group Chief Winemaker, Duncan Shouler. 

Giesen Estate wines have been a much-loved favourite in Australia and abroad for decades – a go-to faithful for many consumers. Whether you prefer white or red, or like your wine sweet, dry, light or full-bodied – there’s always been a Giesen Estate wine to match your tastes. 

With something for everyone, this range includes wines that are playful. Lively. Generous. Smooth. Timeless, even. And with its fresh face, the best-selling range looks as good as it tastes. Keep an eye out at all good supermarkets and liquor retailers for the updated labels! 

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