And none too soon, with the no-alcohol category is predicted to grow by 10% each year for the next five years. Consumer delight when Giesen 0% launched in New Zealand revealed a variety of reasons for purchase – health and wellbeing cited not only by those who are unable to drink, but also by consumers keen to moderate their intake and consume mindfully.

This trend was unsurprising, given the wine’s origin. Duncan Shouler, Giesen’s newly-appointed Chief Winemaker, says the idea was born during a work fitness challenge that included not drinking alcohol.

Seeking out a non-alcoholic alternative, the winemaking team found there was nothing with a dry finish that exemplified the crisp, fresh flavours of Marlborough.

Giesen 0% begins its life as a full-strength wine, before innovative spinning cone technology gently removes the alcohol and aroma. The aroma is collected, then added back in, minus the alcohol. This allows for the distinctive citrus nose on Giesen’s finished product.

“It was really important to us to make something varietally expressive,” said Shouler. “There’s a lot of citrus flavours with blackcurrant and passionfruit notes. It still has a really wine-like quality.”

And critics are agreeing. Master of Wine, Bob Campbell, labeled the first vintage “a giant leap forward in 0% Sauvignon Blanc”, with wine writers “really impressed with the palate weight” and hailing its “real character and personality”.

Removing alcohol revealed another health benefit. The first blend boasts only 10.6 calories per 125ml serving – 85% fewer than a full-strength glass of wine, and up to 55% fewer grams of sugar per serving than other dealcoholised wine options.

After landing in Australia in July, Giesen’s direct-to-consumer launch sold out their first shipment in just over a week. Shipment two has already sold out and they are now taking expressions of interest from trade customers.


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