Born out of a belief that nobody should be left out from having a toast with mates, Son of A Nun offers a range of better-for-you beers designed to suit every lifestyle including low carb and no- and low-alcohol.

The latest addition to the product line is Son of A Nun Mid Strength, a refreshing low-carb beer with tropical fruit-like hop aroma, and a crisp and clean tasted complemented by a mild hop bitterness that adds a slight herbal and citrus note.

Made for lager lovers in search of guilt-free beers, the range is made using only the finest ingredients, and brewed to perfection in Australian Beer Co’s Australian family-owned brewery in country NSW.

At three per cent ABV and just 75 calories, Son of A Nun Mid Strength responds to consumer demand for healthier alternatives and lower strength beers, joining the core range.

Sian Ryan, Marketing Manager for Australian Beer Co, says the addition of Mid Strength to the portfolio provides an option for everyone, no matter the occasion.

 “Lager lovers searching for heavenly, guilt-free brews have stumbled across a miracle with Son of A Nun – better-for-you beers that actually taste great.

“As an Australian independent brewer, we’re proud to provide more considered beverage options to customers. Through Son of A Nun’s better-for-you range we’re tapping into rising consumer demands for drinking in a moderation mindset, with 47 per cent of Australians currently watching the amount of alcohol they consume,” she said.

Completing the range, Son of A Nun Low Carb is a refreshing beer that shares a similar tropical fruit-like hop aroma with a slight herbal and citrus note at just 90 calories per serve and 4.2 per cent ABV, while Son of A Nun Zero Alcohol has a clean, crisp taste and low hop bitterness at 0.5 per cent ABV and 61 calories per serve.

Son of A Nun is available exclusively to independent liquor retailers. For ranging enquiries, please contact:

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