Squealing Pig, Australia’s most popular rosé is looking to bring together two of the boom categories right now, with the release of Squealing Pig Rosé Gin.

The gin has been crafted with 10 botanicals including juniper berries, citrus peels, lavender blossoms, coriander seeds, angelica seeds, rosemary, cardamom, fennel, peppermint and laurel leaf with a dash of Squealing Pig Rosé added.

Treasury Wine Estates Deputy Chief Marketing Officer Angus Lilley explained the thinking behind the new gin.

“We know that many consumers, particularly millennials, are keen to explore new and unique beverages. Gin is so popular at the moment and Squealing Pig Rosé is growing by 67 per cent; we’re proud of what we’ve achieved by combining these two powerful categories,” he said.

“While quality and expertise underpins everything we do, Squealing Pig has had enormous success bringing some playfulness and fun to the typically serious wine category, making it more accessible to new consumers. We’re now thrilled to be putting this fresh, approachable spin on quality gin too.

“Squealing Pig has contributed significantly to value growth in the wine category over the last few years, so we’re in a great position to bring across fans of our wines to gin and fans of gin to wine, to grow both categories.

“Squealing Pig Rosé Gin is the first gin sold in Australia that contains pinot noir rosé wine. Squealing Pig Rosé is made from pinot noir sourced from Marlborough, New Zealand. The bottle and packaging take cues from the wine category,” Lilley added.

TWE has teamed up with internationally recognised drinks figurehead Jason Crawley, to work on launch plans for both the off- and on-premise.

“We have come up with some lovely creative ideas that I’m excited to see come alive in bars and bottle shops,” said Crawley. “Squealing Pig Rosé Gin really punches above its weight and is made in an approachable drinking style. With an alluring pale salmon colour, it is dry, light and refreshing with subtle juniper, bright citrus flavours and balanced spices. The addition of the rosé wine gives it a delightful hint of lifted strawberry on the finish.”

In terms of a serving suggestion, Crawley said: “Most people think of gin and tonic and stop there – which is perfectly fine, however I say there is no need to mask the delicate flavours and instead you should allow the botanicals and rosé to shine through. Keep things simple with soda water, ice, a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of fresh mint,” he said.

Squealing Pig Rosé Gin is available to order from 17 June from Treasury Wine Estates in a 700ml bottle. The launch is being supported by a marketing campaign comprising ATL advertising, PR, social media and activations both on and off premise.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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