We all know it – that feeling when salt spray lifts off the wave, hits your face and lingers in the air.

Crisp and refreshing, East Point is just like that. Hazy, flavourful and lightly hopped, this lower alc refreshment with a zesty tang and just 2.7% alc/vol reflects our first play into the low-alcohol beer space while also aligning with Australia’s quickly growing wellness market.

While several longstanding light macro-lager brands have long dominated the Australian light beer landscape, with East Point we’re looking to draw on the popular aspects of craft beer in a way that challenges historical assumptions about the category through its flavour profile and sessionability.

As for the wellness market, recent data from the IWSR (International Wines and Spirits Record) has shown that increasing consumer interest in ‘better-for-you’ products has catalysed the development of no- and low-alcohol beverages, including low-calorie, sugar-free and gluten-free options.

In line with this, East Point might come at a perfect time for those who’ve been on the scout for something lower in booze that still quenches a thirst – a refreshing beer that says ‘early start tomorrow’ to line the fridge doors with.

East Point might also be the beer people reach for when they’re thinking to stay a while. At 2.7% alc/vol, it’s the beer they’ll grab for midweek sessions, long afternoons and those workday lunches that call for a wise decision.  When less is more, East Point is the ultimate esky companion when planning the next move.

Like all our core range beers, East Point reflects the beauty of our home in the Northern Rivers and the sapphire waters that wrap around Cape Byron into Little Wategos – Australia’s most easterly point. Swept in salt spray, it’s a place for doing what you love – and then kicking back in the sun with a few beers to take it all in.


East Point is now available in four-packs of 375ml cans or cartons of 16 cans.

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