Stone & Wood has announced a refresh to its core range’s packaging just in time for summer.

The fresh look design applies to the Green Coast Lager, Cloud Catcher Pale Ale and easy-drinking Crisp SKUs, bringing them into line with the flagship Stone & Wood beer, Pacific Ale, which has not undergone a packaging change.

National Marketing Manager for Stone & Wood, James Aris, said the refresh would help consumers navigate all styles under the brand, as it creates a consistent look across all of the brand’s beers.

“Pacific Ale is such an iconic brew in the Aussie beer landscape, most drinkers naturally think of Stone & Wood and Pacific Ale as one. The tweaks we’re making here give the opportunity for the other beers to shine under the Stone & Wood banner too,” he said.

“Our brewers, quality and packaging teams in Murwillumbah do an amazing job everyday and we wanted to do the beers they produce justice on the shelf and at the pub.”

In the refresh, the Stone & Wood logo has been dialled up to be more instantly recognisable, while the beer style has been enlarged so consumers easily know what type they are buying. The colours on Cloud Catcher have been swapped out for a more earthy tone, to better differentiate between the Pale Ale’s orange tones and Pacific Ale’s golden tones when viewed in dim lighting.

Inside the refreshed packaging, Stone & Wood’s mid-strength Crisp beer will remain the same, while Green Coast Lager and Cloud Catcher will receive slight tweaks as the B Corp brewer moves to include regenerative grain (sustainably grown malt) into the beers.

The new look Stone & Wood Green Coast Lager, Pale Ale and Crisp are available now.

Brydie Allen

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