Demand for St Agnes Brandy has continued to surge through the past 12 months following a string of high-profile awards, principally for the St Agnes XO luxury brandy, with a flow on effect to the sales of  St Agnes VS, VSOP and Bartenders Cut expressions.

The awards started to roll in August last year with St Agnes Distillery being awarded a gold medal for the St Agnes XO 15-Year-Old and the St Agnes XO Imperial 20-Year-Old at the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards in Adelaide. The St Agnes XO 20-Year-Old went on to collect the Trophy for Best Brandy at this prestigious event.

These awards were followed by Gold Medal and the RG Hardy Trophy for ‘Champion Brandy’ for their St Agnes Imperial XO 20 YO at the Royal Australian Spirit Awards announced in Adelaide in October.

The awards continued to come with the St Agnes XO 15-Year-Old collecting a Gold Medal and Best Brandy Trophy at both the Perth Royal Food Awards and the Riverland Wine Show.

Richard Angove of the St Agnes Distillery, says the company is excited to continue to raise and reposition Australian brandy not only in the Australian market, but the spirit market globally. “We were so excited to achieve these prestigious awards. We are extremely lucky to have such amazing, aged XO resources to put these blends together and all credit to our master distiller Ben Horley and his predecessor, the late John Norman, and our entire distillery team for their care and attention in crafting such age worthy, unique spirit” Richard said.   

St Agnes is clearly Australia’s most highly awarded and most popular brandy and the St Agnes distillery is South Australia’s oldest continually run craft distillery. With barrels dating back 50 years or more it is also in an enviable and unique position in being able to offer such rare and distinguished spirits to the world. The St Agnes Distillery purpose is clear.  Show the world another face of Australian produce excellence by creating Australian spirits of exceptional world standard.

St Agnes Distillery is located on the quiet banks of the River Murray in Renmark, South Australia. Originally established in 1910, it was Carl Angove in 1925 who first decided to create a new style of Australian brandy, lighter and more delicate than anything previously produced.

Every year since 1925, the St Agnes Distillery and Barrels Halls have been carefully and characterfully handcrafting brandy that is a testament to the rewards of time, age, ambition and craft. The original copper pot stills, handcrafted and installed by H. Jennings of Adelaide in 1910, have been used to craft every drop of St Agnes Brandy giving it a unique signature and style. All St Agnes brandies are matured in small oak barrels until the Master Distiller determines it is ready for blending and bottling. The St Agnes Distillery regularly run tours through their historic cellars in Bookmark Avenue where visitors can go deep into the heart of this iconic local. With over 100 years of distillation experience they have a clear purpose, to create Australian spirits of exceptional world standard with a unique Australian expression.

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