Summer is here and with it comes a smooth, easy drinking mid-strength beer with all the full strength flavour you’ve come to expect from Coopers ales.

Coopers Mild Ale is brewed using locally sourced raw materials and unique Ale brewing techniques for a clean, refreshing flavour with a slight cloudiness thanks to yeast being carried through the fermenting stage for natural carbonation.

These methods used in both the brewhouse and fermentation area are unique to this style of beer. After fermentation, a special technique of natural conditioning the same strain of yeast used for primary fermentation is added to the beer prior to bottling. A secondary fermentation and natural conditioning is then carried out in the package so the yeast is maintained in a healthy state during this second fermentation.

With the perfect amount of fruity and floral characters balanced with a crisp bitterness and smooth malt character, you’ve got yourself the ideal summer sessioner. Preservative and additive free, it’s not bad for that summer bod, either.

Best paired with foods like lamb, pork or sharp cheeses, Coopers Mild Ale is the perfect partner for the backyard barbecue or picnic spread.

With no compromise on flavour, Coopers Mild Ale is the one you’ll be reaching for this summer.

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