Thirsty Camel has unveiled its new South Melbourne head office, with spaces for suppliers, members, and Thirsty Camel staff to come together for events, workshops, and strategy sessions.

The new office was designed with input from the Thirsty Camel team, who wanted a space where they were excited to come to work each day. Downstairs is Oasis, the internal ideation space where Thirsty Camel staff can meet with suppliers and strategise together.

Adrian Moelands, Thirsty Camel General Manager, explained that the new space will help the team work together effectively.

“We built a space to create an environment for our staff internally, where we can come and collaborate,” he said.

The centrepiece of the new office is the event space and bar, where head office, suppliers and Thirsty Camel members are able to host events.

Trent Arbaci, Thirsty Camel Head of Promotions, explained how the new environment strengthens relationships with suppliers.

“From a supplier perspective, we have fantastic facilities, a really open and inviting environment. It’s great for suppliers to come in, working in a partnership to drive mutual outcomes for both our businesses,” he said.

Moelands is looking forward to welcoming more people to the new office.

“I hope you love our office as much as we do,” he said.

Take a virtual tour through the new office with this video.

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