Calabria Family Wines has welcomed three more Australian wine brands to its portfolio, acquired from Wingara Wine Group, part of Henkell Freixenet.

Effective as of yesterday, ownership of Deakin Estate, La La Land and Azahara was transferred from Wingara Wine Group in a brand only sale with the Calabria family. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the financial details of the sale. 

Calabria’s Griffith winery in NSW will now produce all of the wines across each of these brand portfolios, and Calabria Family Wines will also manage marketing across all markets. The current distribution partnership with Red & White will remain in place. 

Third-generation General Manager Michael Calabria noted what the addition of these brands will mean for Calabria Family Wines. 

“Each of these brands brings something new to the table for the team at Calabria and we are eager to welcome them to the family as we diversify and broaden our wine offering,” Calabria said.

“Deakin Estate, with over 50 years of winemaking history behind it, has achieved outstanding distribution, particularly in challenging export markets where many haven’t. That can only happen with a good quality product and dedicated team behind it.

“Both La La Land and Azahara, while newer to market, are unique brands with well-established portfolios and market presence, both domestically and overseas. We look forward to relishing in La La Land’s dedication to emerging wine styles with our own Italian alternatives and celebrating Azahara’s effervescent flare and sophistication.”

Wingara Wine Group’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Sean Shortt, described how Wingara had a different strategic focus and how the group was happy to see the brands housed with a company like Calabria.  

“Henkell Freixenet considers Australia an important market with great potential, and our strategic focus is the development of our Global Icon brands, Henkell, Freixenet and Mionetto,” Shortt said.

“We are delighted that the Deakin Estate, Azahara and La La Land brands are moving to a family-owned company who have the resources and drive to take the brands to the next level.”

Brydie Allen

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