Pouring red wine at dinner

Data from Jimmy Brings is revealing more about what wines consumers are choosing to have delivered on-demand this season.

Jody Liddle, Category Manager at Jimmy Brings, says that seasonal trends are definitely shown in the recent orders of the online alcohol delivery service, with red wine clearly having a moment right now.

“A lot of people’s lifestyle interests change with the weather and our diet is one of them. Red wine is much more complementary to the heartier roasts and soups and bakes being served at the dinner table. Reoccurring notes of chocolate, cherry and spice across the range pair beautifully with winter produce,” Liddle said.

But it’s not just the usual favourite red varietals that customers are opting for, with an increasing amount of people also exploring wine styles they haven’t tried before.

“As soon as the temperature drops we’re drawn to the physical comfort of a not-so-chilled wine. We’re seeing a resurgence in interest for Pinot Noir, as well as experimentation with bolder varietals like the Tempranillo and Grenache,” Liddle continued.

“Australians are starting to branch out from the standard wine varietals that we know and love, becoming more and more eager to indulge in something different. This is more prominent amongst younger consumers who are sticklers for remaining ‘on trend’.”

The success of wines such as Tempranillo and Grenache could stem from those comfortable favourites in a customer’s repertoire. For example, Liddle said Tempranillo’s full bodied and dry nature is perfect for consumers who love a bold Shiraz but want something more interesting, while the smooth and easy drinking Grenache is a crowd pleaser that attracts consumers with its more subtle flavours when compared to Pinot Noir.

When it comes to price trends in these wines this season, value is king for those ordering on-demand.

“The fact that you can get a nice bottle of wine under $20 versus the price you might pay for a glass at the pub, means consumers are increasingly looking to enjoy a product in this range, for not having to fork out too much – and without skimping on taste,” Liddle explained.

When combining the value sentiment with the increased interest in exploration, it’s no wonder that another successful movement of Jimmy Brings this season has been with bundles, available not only in wine, but also in other categories too.

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