Multi-award winning European brand Tovaritch Vodka has announced the release of one litre and 200ml pack sizes, specially created for the Australian market.

The RRP for the Tovaritch Vodka range is $62 for a one litre bottle, $46 for 700ml, and $14 for 200ml, offering options across a spectrum of prices.

Tovaritch Vodka is distributed by ALM Liquor, with Independent Beverage Partners, the sales division of ALM, focusing on sales in independent off-premise outlets and the on-premise.

The CEO and Founder of Tovaritch Vodka, Eugenio Litta Modignani, said that the 200ml pack size offers a high-quality but cost-effective option.

“In agreement with our distribution partners, we decided to introduce a small pack size as it is not only cost-effective for Australian consumers but also perfect for crafting up to six cocktails. We have aligned our pricing strategy competitively compared with other well-known vodkas, but what sets us apart is our superior European quality,” he said.

David Cloutt, the National Merchandise Manager for Independent Beverage Partners, said that the new packaging will help bolster the product’s popularity in the Australian market.

“With its outstanding liquid, exceptional brand support, exciting new packaging, the Tovaritch brand is ripe for a resurgence in the Australian market and Independent Beverage Partners is proud to be offering this high-quality product to our network of independent retailers, both off and on-premise”.

Tovaritch Vodka uses an 18th century recipe devised by the family of Count Jules Rene Litta, and was brought to market in the 20th century by Marquis Eugenio Litta Modignani. The brand attributes its success to this blend of tradition with a contemporary approach.

Though Tovaritch means friend in Russian, Modignani emphasises the brand’s European identity. The name reflects the brand’s 200-year history, but production and sourcing immediately switched to Europe in February 2022 due to conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“We are excited to launch our European product line produced in Riga, Latvia, this month. Our brand is 100 per cent European and is appreciated by those who demand high quality at competitive prices. We have attained 147 independent industry awards and is fast-growing as a global brand with stockists in 24 countries,” Mondignani said.

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