In the 2021 National Liquor News Industry Leaders Forum, Treasury Wine Estates Managing Director ANZ, Peter Neilson, spoke about the role of innovative drinks in the year ahead.

For Peter Neilson, Managing Director ANZ at Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), 2020 was a year in which consumers really expanded their horizons and explored new drinks categories and products.

“It was undoubtedly the year of the hybrid drinks phenomenon – a concept born out of consumer intrigue and a desire to try new things,” Neilson told National Liquor News.

“Because the world of wine can be overwhelming, these types of drinks offer consumers a way to navigate and explore new or neighbouring categories with more confidence, whilst also appealing to entirely new consumers along the way.”

TWE was well positioned to support this type of consumer exploration in 2020, through such new products as the Squealing Pig Pinot Noir Gin and the Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection Coffee Shiraz, both of which combine wine with another beverage category to create interesting and unusual products. Neilson said this alignment with current shopper interests is an ever present component of the TWE strategy and will be continued into 2021 as the company seeks to stay ahead of market trends.

“After the shock of 2020, the strength of consumer sentiment and spending is surprising. We must channel this positive sentiment and the spending that goes with it into rebuilding our industry and the services most impacted,” Neilson said.

“As our wine consumption habits are changing, we all have a duty to provide our customers with what they are seeking, in a responsible way. For example, millennials are currently leading the conversation about wine, pushing established brands to create new paths of discovery through storytelling.”

The immediate focuses for TWE this year show that the company is committed to delivering these best outcomes for the consumer, as well as the retailer. Neilson described an emphasis on attracting, retaining and developing exceptional people for the team, innovations that will create long lasting consumer impressions and loyalty, and continued investment in programs to help the company meet its full potential.

When describing prospects for the year as a whole, Neilson noted: “There are several opportunities that we look forward to exploring more, such as ways to make in-home consumption more exciting across key markets globally, tapping into consumers who continue to expand their repertoire across varietals at more premium price points as well as a focused investment on brand building and storytelling – particularly through digital channels – which continues to transform at pace. The ability to connect virtually through these channels means we can reach even more consumers, allowing us to engage in a more targeted offering.”

Brand highlights for 2020

Neilson said TWE has seen some great results last year across its diverse portfolio, including:

  • Wolf Blass crowned IWSC’s International Red Wine Producer Of The Year.
  • 19 Crimes grew astronomically and is currently the number one brand contributing to growth in red wine followed closely by Pepperjack at number two.
  • Squealing Pig Marlborough Rosé hails as the number one rosé in market.
  • Incredible product and campaign innovations such as Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection Coffee Shiraz and Squealing Pig’s Rosé Gin and Pinot Noir Gin.
  • 19 Crimes taking home two of the highly contested trophies at the 2020 Shop! Global Awards.

“We are proud and humbled to be recognised by these incredible wins, especially as the calibre of our peers is at an all-time high,” Neilson said.

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