In the 2023 National Liquor News Industry Leaders Forum, Good Drinks reviews areas of success and opportunity.

“It’s been an extremely positive year for Good Drinks, and we’re looking forward to building on our strong momentum,” says Managing Director, John Hoedemaker, when reflecting on the last year.

“Across 2022, we launched some amazing new products that complement our range and provide more variety for our customers.”

Hoedemaker gives two examples in particular that have delivered great results in key categories of growth.

“The Matso’s Nightlife range is a gamechanger. The ginger beer market is growing, and we know consumers are looking for drinks packed with flavour, that sit at a higher ABV,” he said.

“Matso’s is already the leading independent craft ginger beer in the country, and a strong brand in that space. Growing that with Matso’s Nightlife, which sits at six per cent ABV and comes in three flavours, will be a winner across the board.

“In 2022, we also launched Gage Roads Brew Co’s Hazy As Hazy Pale Ale. Again, this is a category that’s growing, and after launching in WA, SA and Queensland, it’s taking off and delivering fantastic results for our customers.”

This kind of NPD strategy is part of a wider ‘multi-state’ approach, which is seeing the company open venues around Australia to help convert drinkers to its products in the retail sector, as Hoedemaker outlines.

“Good Drinks is focussed on continuing the momentum we have in WA, while ramping up our growth on the east coast,” he said.

“We’re building a new Matso’s venue on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, which gives the Matso’s brand more presence in that state. Our Atomic venue in Sydney is really hitting its straps, which is leading to more Atomic drinkers in NSW.”

Major deals in 2022

Good Drinks signed a significant deal with Molson Coors and Magners in the past year, which saw Good Drinks take on the Australian distribution of brands such as Miller Chill, Miller Genuine Draft, Coors, Molson Canadian and Magners Irish Cider.

“These deals have been beneficial for not only Good Drinks, but our customers too. The Molson Coors and Magners partnerships have allowed us to broaden our portfolio into new segments,” the Managing Director explained.

“Good Drinks now offers its customers amazing brands across every category in beer, and other alcohol drink segments too. It’s great to be a one-stop-shop for our customers, and to service their needs better than ever before.”

Of course, the company has also faced challenges in the past year – the same challenges that many firms in all sectors (and indeed, most consumers) have had to tackle: increased costs and inflation.

“One of the main challenges that everyone is facing is trying to keep costs down, while inflation and COGS are rising,” Hoedemaker commented.

Nevertheless, Hoedemaker felt that Good Drinks was well placed to take these head-on as the year unfolded, and can do the same this year.

“One advantage we have at Good Drinks is our production scale and volume. Our brewery produces more than 20 million litres per annum, and the scale of that production means we can keep our costs low, and margins high for our customers,” Hoedemaker concluded.

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