With over 500,000 safe visits recorded, businesses of all sizes, all around Australia are using VisitSafe to record customer details for COVID-19 contact tracing and help keep the community safe. Impact Data, the team behind clever digital marketing platform TalkBox, developed VisitSafe to assist businesses and give customers the confidence they are being kept safe.

VisitSafe is a completely free tool that takes less than 1 minute to set up. As each state continues to battle with the virus, businesses are operating under the guidance of state governments with rules in place to help keep their customers safe. New measures and recommendations have just been announced for NSW, which includes further limitations on capacity as well as digitising the record of customer details who enter a business premise. To limit transmission through pen and paper and create a more reliable system the NSW government suggest businesses are ‘ encouraged to strongly promote QR code sign-in.’

VisitSafe is a contactless solution allowing customers to use their own devices to add the details about their visit when entering a venue. Businesses simply log on to VisitSafe.at, register and then direct customers to the URL or QR code and register their visit. Guest details are securely stored and can be retrieved by that business at any time. ‘This is a challenging time for hospitality operators, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer this tool to all businesses and help where we can. With a number of new guidelines in place, businesses can use VisitSafe assured they are keeping the community safe.’ Impact Data CEO Lachlan

How does it work?
1. Signup at visitsave.at and choose your unique URL for example visitsafe.at/YourBusinessName . We also give you a QR code pointing to your unique URL.

2. Ask staff to present visitors with your unique URL and or QR code.

3. Customers scan QR code or enter URL with their own device and are directed to an online form where they can enter details. Details of their visit such as time and date will be recorded and securely held.

4. Log back into visitsafe.at to download your records if required.

5. That’s it! We automatically delete records after 28 days per government requirements. Contact tracing remains the most  effective way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. To re-open safely, the government requires hospitality businesses to record every customer who enters their venue. Customer details must be recorded and kept for 28 days and then subsequently

As well as capturing guests details to comply with government guidelines, VisitSafe gives your customers the options to opt-in for marketing. Sending business updates, and inviting guests to return is a fantastic way to keep driving business. Opt-in records are available at VisitSafe for download or automatic addition to an Impact Data TalkBox account.

Who is it for?
Any business that is required to capture the details of customers who enter their premises. Customers must provide contact details such as a phone number or email upon entering in order to adhere with contact tracing requirements. VisitSafe can be used for businesses with a single site or multiple venues.

For more information about TalkBox or VisitSafe contact the team at Impact Data today.

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