At the start of a career in liquor retail, there’s a range of factors that combine to bring someone the greatest successes. 

Monique Strand of Dan Murphy’s in Campbelltown, winner of the 2019 Retail Drinks Industry award for Young Liquor Retailer of the Year, has utilised these factors to be recognised for her skills and vision as a young liquor retailer. Throughout her time in the industry, she notes that the most valuable lessons she has learned are those that contribute to the sustainable success of a business.

Ahead of the upcoming Retail Drinks Awards for 2021, Strand told National Liquor News that the greatest thing she has learned has been to put her team first and invest in them, as they are the lifeblood behind any business and key to it fulfilling its goals.

In addition to her own learnings, Strand recommends some top advice for other young liquor retailers to reach their full potential from the very start of their careers. The biggest element of advice is around taking every opportunity that comes your way, and not being afraid of change.

As Young Liquor Retailer of the Year, Strand has sat on the board of Retail Drinks as an observer, further cementing her idea of where she wants to take her liquor career. She hopes the future brings a role in store support, an area in which she is passionate, and hopefully one day her own gin range.

The Retail Drinks Young Liquor Retailer award has been the biggest career highlight for Strand, showing that she is in on the right track in the industry and her hard work is paying off. She said she didn’t expect to win, but the feeling of recognition was incredible.

Strand also encourages any other young liquor retailers to put themselves out there for awards like this wherever they can, and not be afraid to celebrate achievements. You can hear more tips for fellow young liquor retailers in the video below.


Brydie Allen

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