Wolf Blass has launched a new range of wines, which consists of six varietals and which celebrate the “artistry and skill” of the brand’s winemaking.

The Wolf Blass Makers’ Project highlights the three key techniques which the Wolf Blass winemakers followed, namely:

  • Free Run Wine –the process when the grapes are crushed into the press and all the juice that can freely drain from the skins to the tank is referred to as ‘free run’. This produces wines that are balanced in acidity with high levels of purity in fruit, aroma and flavour – such as the Makers’ Project Pink Pinot Grigio and Reserve Rosè.
  • Partial Whole Berry Fermentation – the winemakers ferment a higher portion of whole berries, which leads to more full fruits and robust flavours with gentle complexities and spice characteristics. Try Makers’ Project Pinot Three or Reserve Shiraz to see this in practice.
  • Early Press – pressing is the process that separates the grape juice from its skins. Flavour and structure are extracted and by pressing early, before the completion of fermentation, a softer wine with fresh, bright fruit characters is created. Makers’ Project Shiraz Grenache and Pinot Noir are perfect examples of this.

“Wolf Blass is known for creating great tasting wines that suit all occasions and are enjoyed by people the world over. The new Wolf Blass Makers’ Project is no different,” Nick Powell, Wolf Blass Global Marketing Manager said.

“It builds on Wolfgang Blass’s original vision to create wines that not only taste great, but are wines that people want to drink.

“This new range features wines that our winemakers love to make, wines that highlight the innovative quirks as well as the unique winemaking processes that make them not only delectable, but fresh, original and exciting.”

The six varietals which make up the Makers’ Project are:

  • Makers’ Project Pink Pinot Grigio, RRP $20
  • Makers’ Project Pinot Noir, RRP $20
  • Makers’ Project Shiraz Grenache, RRP $20
  • Makers’ Project Reserve Rosè, RRP $26
  • Makers’ Project Reserve Pinot Three, RRP $26
  • Makers’ Project Reserve Shiraz, RRP $26

The full project range is available now for leading retailers.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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