Symphony Nº1 Blended Malt Whisky has taken out the title of Australia’s Best Blended Malt for the third consecutive year, cementing it’s place as one of the best in the world as an award winning trio of exceptional Tasmanian Single Malts, a special whisky celebrating the remote island climate that presents colder winters with snowfall, and long, mild summer days, to produce the unique LARK Single and Blended Malt Whisky profile.

LARK Head Distiller and Master Blender, Chris Thomson, has expertly woven the complexity of American oak bourbon with the balance of sherry and heavier depth of port to form a creamy, oily melody of flavours. It’s luscious and fruity on the nose with fresh mango, toasted pineapple and vanilla. Tasmanian apples dipped in toffee dance on the palate as it evolves into a fruity and citrus finish. An exceptional whisky with length, poise and incredible balance. This international award-winning malt whisky is full of life from start to finish and carries the uncompromised signature style of LARK whisky – a true Tasmanian icon.

LARK Fresh IPA Cask was Crowned Australia’s Best Single Malt Whisky. LARK joined forces with New Zealand’s Garage Project to bring you an unrepeatable drop, a meeting of Master Brewers and Blenders. The small selection of casks were seasoned with four of Garage Project’s distinctive IPAs, imparting vibrant flavours from their favourite brews. This exclusive limited release was not just a whisky but a celebration of the unexpected, where worlds collide to distil a spirit of adventure, now sold out, and enjoyed in the collectors back bars and bar carts around the country.

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