Casa San Matias has incorporated environmentally and socially sound practices into its age-old processes.

Producers of Corazón tequila, Casa San Matias, have put sustainability at the core of their business.

Having been in the business for more than 130 years, Casa San Matias continues to blend innovation with tradition. It was the first tequila distillery to take part in the UN carbon footprint program.

The distillery, which is represented by SouthTrade International, incorporates environmentally and socially sound practices into its age-old processes. For example, Casa San Matias has put in place a bio-digester, which breaks down organic waste produced in the distilling process.

Located in the tequila heartland of Jalisco, Mexico, Casa San Matias has an authentic sense of place and provenance that appeals to modern drinkers. The distillery only uses blue weber agave that has reached maturity, between seven to 10 years old.

Casa San Matias is also known for its inclusive and progressive culture – the distillery is helmed by Carmen Alicia Villarreal Treviño, one of the first female tequila masters, for many years.

Since Treviño took the reins in 1997, Casa San Matias has been recognised as the first tequila distillery to be deemed a “Great Place to Work”, and has been given Gender Equity Model certification by Mexico’s National Women’s Institute. Treviño also founded a girls’ home in Guadalajara in 2018.

A distillery spokesperson stated: “We’re proud of this recognition and believe that this commitment to celebrating our employees’ diverse talents and experience is one of the ways we encourage innovation and consistently deliver an outstanding product.”

While Treviño believes the distillery’s practices reflects her core values.

“I learned how important is to support the communities offering well paid jobs, promoting values and sharing part of the profit of their work in projects related to their wellness, like health or education,” she said.

And this approach is reaping rewards, with Corazón Reposado named the World’s Best Tequila at the 2021 World Tequila Awards, while Corazón Blanco was named the World’s Best Blanco at the 2019 edition of the awards.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a high quality spirit that aligns with their values, and Corazón delivers on both fronts, making it the perfect choice for both retailers and on-premise operators looking to enhance their premium tequila offering.

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