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It’s new, but there is no doubt that seltzers are already an important category in Australia and every prediction points to more growth and therefore more importance.

At that goes for retailers and venue operators, pubs, clubs and bars cannot afford to not be part of the seltzer train because it’s set to be massive. In fact IRI believes the potential for hard seltzers is that sales could be as high as $300m by 2025.

In addition TechSci Research predicts Australia’s seltzer market will show a robust growth with an impressive CAGR in the forecast years, 2022-2026. The market growth attributes to the rising demand for the gluten-free and low ABV content drinks among the consumers.

The rise and rise of the health and wellbeing trend should not be underestimated, and that tied with the moderation trend has laid the foundations for seltzers and this strong growth. The inevitable comparison comes when looking at the United States.

Seltzer is the fastest growing alcoholic drinks category in the US, with predictions the growth will see the category triple by 2022. It’s has grown so much in the US, that there are concerns the country will not be able to make enough aluminium cans to keep up with demand.

So what do retailers and venues need to do make the most of this category and its growth?

Looking again at the United States, variety packs in retail have become increasingly popular and are a very convenient way for retailers to overcome issues of shelf space. This has started to be replicated in Australia, with Moon Dog launching its Fizzer variety pack in June, and already the variety pack is making up close to 50 per cent of total Fizzer sales.

Another trend that has emerged during the pandemic is the consumer appetite for more local products, so for Australian retailers looking to maximise local and maximise seltzer the Moon Dog Fizzer Mixed Pack is the perfect product.

Moon Dog Fizzer is leading the way in giving consumers what they want and also in giving retailers and venues great options for variety and convenience.

Fizzer comes in eight flavours Tropical Crush, Piney Limey, Coco Mango, Strawbs & Cream, Lemon Squeezy, Pink Flamingo, Peach Iced Tea and Raspberry Sorbet, with five of these featuring in the new 10 and 30 mixed packs.

Fizzer Flavourologist Chris Hysted-Adams said: “We’ve loaded the packs up with popular flavours Lemon Squeezey, Coco Mango, Raspberry Sorbet, Tropical Crush and Piney Limey so there’s something for everyone in there.

“We are forecasting that we will sell more Fizzer mixed packs than all of our other eight individual flavours combined. It is the next step in the Fizzer Seltzer journey and the mixed packs are a fantastic way for people to try new flavours.”

So with the mixed pack helping retailers, what about venues?

Moon Dog has those covered too with its world-first alcoholic seltzer dispensing unit, that can offer a wide variety of seltzers, as well as Spritz cocktails and ginger beer.

Moon Dog co-founder, Josh Uljans said: “We’re thrilled to be launching the first ever alcoholic seltzer post mix system. This new solution will mean that all alcoholic seltzer drinkers can have the flavours that they’re looking for at their favourite bars, clubs and pubs. This innovation will be rolling out into venues nationally over the next few months, just in time for summer.

“The Moon Dog Fizzer Post Mix Machine benefits are twofold; patrons can find a wide range of alcoholic seltzer flavours at their favourite venues, and venues can provide a range of Moon Dog seltzer without sacrificing any beer taps,” Uljans added.

Moon Dog will install a custom-designed post mix system into a venue’s bar with 4 to 8 dispensing valves, with consumers able to choose from the wide-range of flavours on offer.

Moon Dog Brewing provide a 17 per cent seltzer base with all-natural fruit flavours in a convenient 15 litre box that is then mixed with soda to provide over 60 litres of finished Moon Dog Fizzer product.

As the soda mixes at the point of dispensing it tastes super fresh and even pours 30 per cent faster than a beer tap meaning it’s great for busy venues and a box that is 25 per cent of the weight of a full keg pours 20 per cent more volume than a keg.

The options offered by Moon Dog mean now is the perfect time for retailers and operators to evaluate your seltzer range and make sure you are positioned as well as you can be to make the most of this massive trend this summer.

Moon Dog are also giving off and on-premise decision makers the option to sample its amazing range of seltzer flavours for free. Just register your interest with Moon Dog and they will take care of the rest.

Register now and get yourself ready for a truly amazing summer of seltzer.

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