With World Whisky Day (WWD) fast approaching, it’s time to think about how to make the best of the occasion in-store.

World Whisky Day is a celebration of all things whisk(e)y, from Dalbeattie to Down Under. However, it’s not just for the connoisseurs who enjoy their whisky neat. Mixers can really bring whisky to new heights and empower consumers of all tastes to explore the category.

Fever-Tree has a curated range of mixers to help with this exploration. In its wide range of dark spirit mixers, Fever-Tree selects flavours that specifically complement the notes of different whisky styles, making them the ideal companion for mixed drinks this WWD.

This means great things for liquor retailers, as it expands possibilities for shoppers. Not only can you have their favourite whiskies on hand, but you’ll also be able to showcase new and interesting ways they can be enjoyed.

Trish Brew, Brand Ambassador at Fever-Tree, said that showcasing pairing suggestions in-store is key, especially for shoppers who are newer to the whisky category and are a bit daunted by the choice.

“Many consumers don’t know what spirit pairs best with which mixer, so by focusing on more than just the spirit on occasions like World Whisky Day, retailers can provide a more complete customer experience,” said Brew.

Offering pairing options has the benefit of building customer loyalty and can also result in larger purchases. Clearly communicating great whisky and mixer combos not only makes for easier shopping, but also educates consumers on how flavours work together, demystifying the mixing experience. 

One key mixing suggestion Brew has for whisky is highballs, a great refreshing serve during warm weather. In general, she recommends carbonated mixers as they enhance the aromas of whisky, as well as ginger based beverages, which often combine well with whisky thanks to their gingerols and shogaols.

As for what works nicely with different styles of whisky, Brew said: “Blended Scotch or lighter style whiskeys with the Fever-Tree Dry Ginger Ale is a crisp and refreshing combination. For spicier, more robust whiskies the Spiced Orange Ginger Ale adds richness and complexity. Smoky or heavy whiskies are further bolstered by the Ginger Beer and for American whiskey, the Distillers Cola is the ultimate flavour sensation!”

This World Whisky Day, think outside the bottle and lean on the opportunities that Fever-Tree presents, to help consumers learn more about mixing and genuinely enjoy doing so.

For more information about Fever-Tree, contact Caroline Wood, Head of Marketing, on +61 (0)450 066 320.