Tequila is the fastest growing spirits category globally and cristalino-style tequilas bring an innovative edge to the category.

Tequila has been a well-loved product for many years, and 1800 Tequila is leading the way being named the fastest growing spirits brand by leading brand valuation consultancy, Brand Finance.

The report also named 1800 Tequila as the fastest-growing spirits brand, with its brand value up by 111.5 per cent to $424m. Brand Finance said that in-line with tequila’s category growth and 1800 Tequila’s improved standing among next-generation tequila drinkers, the brand grew very quickly.

The fast growth is expected to see tequila hold a 55 per cent share of global category value by 2026. With the nation developing a taste for the distinct flavour, Australia has become the third-largest consumer of agave-based spirits.

Innovation is also helping the category to grow, and so in a market that is dominated by tequila blanco, why not reach for something a little different?

Defined as an oak-aged tequila that’s filtered with charcoal, Cristalino is the latest entrant to the growing tequila market. And continuing this emerging trend, Proximo Spirits has now launched its unique 1800 Cristalino expression in Australia.

Capturing the smoothness of a blanco with the complexity of an añejo, 1800 Cristalino offers the ultimate tequila drinking experience. In fact, the Maestro Tequileros responsible for the innovation are from Proximo Spirits, the proud family-owned creators of the 1800 Tequila brand.

Crafted using the family’s 220-year-old añejo recipe, it is no secret that 1800 Cristalino is the pinnacle of the 1800 range. As the highest selling super premium tequilas in Mexico, with sales volume in the US following suit, cristalino-style tequilas bring an innovative edge to the tequila category.

Filtering the liquid in a way that magnifies the flavour and aromas offered from the barrel, while maintaining the herbal and sweet notes from the agave, Proximo describes 1800 Cristalino as “a smooth tasting and beautifully layered aged tequila that’s been filtered crystal clear.”

First aged in American and French oak barrels for 16 months, then finished in port wine casks for an additional six months, 1800 Cristalino has a finish like no other.

“It’s a very unique and versatile offering that appeals to both white and dark spirit drinkers,” a spokesperson for Proximo said. “With its striking design, the 1800 Cristalino suits being positioned in a highly visible spot on the back bar with other premium tequilas.”

Merging the visual and sensory worlds, this distinctive tequila takes pride of place on any bar. With the margarita being Australia’s most popular cocktail on-premise last year, 1800 Cristalino is an ideal way to elevate the classic Margarita or to savour neat on the rocks.

Recently claiming the title of the world’s fastest-growing spirits brand, 1800 Tequila has a bright future in the Australian market. Reach out to your Proximo Spirits Representative for more information and to order.

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