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This week is National Organic Week, a time to increase awareness and celebrate the benefits of organic products and farming practice.

The message has never been clearer to drinks consumers, with organic wine tipped to be a key growth opportunity in the market right now. This is thanks in part to the wider trend promoting more environmentally friendly choices overall, with 50 per cent of wine drinkers having a high connection to sustainability. Such a strong demand for sustainability is also behind recent innovation at Winesmiths for its latest product release.

A leader of the two litre cask wine category, Winesmiths has gone above and beyond for organic consumers by innovating its premium range into the organic space for the first time ever. The new certified organic collection has been audited from vine to bottle by Australian Certified Organic, with strict criteria that eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and promotes environmental biodiversity every step of the way.

Winesmiths Senior Brand Manager, Lisa Antoney, said it’s important to step outside the box to provide consumers with a wine that goes the extra mile for sustainability.

“Consumers want their beverage choice to meet their ‘better for me, better for the environment’ needs,” said Antoney.

“Not only is the cask pack a more sustainable option than glass, our organic certification guarantees chemicals will not spoil the healthy pH balance of our soil, harm beneficial insects and flora, or pollute our groundwater and local waterways.”

Every element of the Winesmiths Organic Collection has been designed with both a healthy environment and a satisfied customer in mind. It provides bottle-quality wine of the most in-demand varietals, created to the highest organic standards and packaged in a more sustainable, economical and convenient format, with the added bonus of fresher wine for longer.

The naturally healthy, robust grapes that Winesmiths uses in its organic collection express the sun, soil and clean air of the vineyard. Wild yeast fermentation and minimal preservatives allow the most pure and true expression of each varietal.

When choosing the resulting environmentally-conscious wines, consumers sacrifice nothing. With each sip, they can enjoy premium vintage organic wines with the assured knowledge they are supporting a company that is passionately committed to not only its own green initiatives (such as emission and energy reduction, nature conservation and wastewater reuse), but to those of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, a group that works to lessen the environmental impact of the Australian wine industry.

Winesmiths is also not resting on its laurels with this incredible innovation, aiming to continue developing its green strategies to be as sustainable as it can be in future.

“At Winesmiths, we’ve always thought beyond today’s glass of wine,” explains Antoney.

“We leave out animal products, making our wines vegan-friendly. After opening, the flavour is kept fresher for longer, so you don’t need to waste a drop.

“Our packaging has just 13 per cent the carbon footprint of bottled wine. Our cardboard is made from minimum 75 per cent recycled materials and we are actively undergoing pack research and trials to find a recyclable bag solution.”

You can order Winesmiths Organic Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon two litre casks via Samuel Smith & Son now.

Find out more about the new Winesmiths Organic Collection here.

Brydie Allen

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