Coastal Stone range of whisky bottles at a beach with crashing waves in background
The Coastal Stone 'Element Series' from Manly Spirits Co.

In a category formerly dominated by tradition and macho branding, Manly Spirits Co.’s Coastal Stone range of single malt whisky offers a breath of fresh air.

Manly Spirits Co. is well known for its clear spirits range of vodkas and gins, but has now launched its ‘Dark Side’ with a fashionable, contemporary collection of Coastal Stone single malt whiskies.

Although new to the market, Coastal Stone is the fruition of many years of hard work, with the initial barrels laid down on Manly Spirits Co.’s very first day of operating in 2017. As such, Manly Spirits Co. has exercised patience while waiting for the whisky to reach optimal conditions and building up a loyal customer base through the distillery’s other products.

Coastal Stone is perfectly positioned to take advantage of current trends in the whisky market, at a time when Australian drinkers are increasingly curious about authentic, local brands.

The brand’s limited edition ‘Element Series’ provides a comprehensive range of single malt whiskies, including: Sherry, Bourbon, Pinot, Port and Shiraz cask expressions. Each of these drams has been matured along the NSW coast, breathing in the sea air and giving drinkers a genuine taste of Australian maritime terroir.

The spirit itself is at once complex and approachable, with the wide range of cask-maturations on offer ensuring there is a Coastal Stone whisky for every drinker. Freed from the stuffiness of old school overseas producers, Coastal Stone can be enjoyed neat, over ice or mixed into a highball. Rather than restrictions, traditions and rules, Coastal Stone is all about drinker choice and freedom.

Moreover, Coastal Stone offers drinkers both novelty and reassurance in an increasingly congested category. A gold medal win for Coastal Stone Sherry Cask in the Single Malt class of the 2022 San Francisco Spirits Competition helps assuage any ‘fear of the unknown’ amongst drinkers.

Premiumisation means that many drinkers are looking to expand their spirits repertoire beyond the bigger brand offerings by drinking less, but buying better. Coastal Stone’s bespoke bottle design makes it the complete premium product, with an elegant bottle inspired by the distillery’s maritime home certain to stand out in any home collection or back bar.

A particularly eye-catching feature of the whisky’s bottle is the unique stopper, which has been made with real Sydney sandstone. Coastal Stone has been recognised with the title of ‘Best Bottle Design’ at the 2022 World Whisky Awards (held in the UK), alongside two gold medals for design in the Limited Edition and New Launch categories.

Coastal Stone’s award-winning bottle design.

With its combination of expert craft production, authenticity and evocative design, Coastal Stone offers a new dimension to aspirational drinkers in the on and off-premise across Australia.

The Element Series will be followed by Coastal Stone’s ‘signature whisky’, due to take its place as the brand’s flagship expression in September.

Coastal Stone can be purchased through the Manly Spirits Co. e-commerce store, or at selected Dan Murphy’s, Vintage Cellars and premium independent bottle shops.

Wholesale customers can reach out to the Manly Spirits Co. team here to discuss ranging Coastal Stone.

Manly Spirits Co. is also encouraging visitors to try the range at its Brookvale distillery.