There is something special about Mezcal Derrumbes, not only is it one of only two companies in the top 10 rated brands that is still Mexican and independently owned, but the range takes people on a Mezcal journey and it is a drink loved by consumers, and bartenders, all over the world.

The Derrumbes journey is a unique one, it’s a journey that takes you through every Mezcal producing region, bringing flavour from the heart of Mexico. It is a journey that highlights the style, traditions and terroir of the region where each bottle is made, helping consumers understand the variety and nuances of Mezcal.

Mezcal Derrumbes was founded in 2012 by Esteban Morales (La Venenosa Raicilla) and Sergio Mendoza (Tequila Don Fulano) and the pair have gone on to find the best producers in each state that highlight the Mezcal characteristics of that area and use the Derrumbes brand to share their products with the world.

The range has gone on to become a huge hit in the hospitality world, with bartenders across the globe delighting in sharing these stories and styles with their customers. Mezcal Derrumbes was number seven Top Trending and Best Selling Mezcal in 2022, as Voted by the World’s Best Bars. And after a brief hiatus the Mezcal is back in Australia thanks to a new partnership with Australian Agave Spirit specialist Agave Lux.

Agave Lux aims to connect Australian bars with the best quality Mexican distillates using its exclusive network of independent producers who champion sustainability, fair trade and organic practices.

Mezcal Derrumbes fits into this category perfectly, and although Esteban does challenge the concept of sustainability in spirits, he is adamant there can still be social responsibility.

He explained: “The concept of sustainability in spirits is challenging. Spirits are a luxury item. Nobody needs alcohol to survive, and every litre of water used to produce alcohol is not inherently sustainable. So, we prefer not to discuss our brand as being sustainable. We prefer to discuss it as being socially responsible.”

The concept of social responsibility was part of what drove the creation and evolution of Mezcal Derrumbes as Esteban and Sergio wanted to support more mezcaleros and family-run producers in Mexico’s lesser-known Mezcal-producing states.  

Esteban said: “It was important for me to build opportunities for these producers. To also relieve the stress on Agave demand in Oaxaca by allowing other regions to produce more.”

This concept to developing more Mezcal from regions outside of Oaxaca has seen the team create seven spirits, and this gives bartenders more options to explore and means there is more variety to help consumers understand Mezcal.

Derrumbes Salmiana from San Luis Potosi is a perfect example. It delivers an incredible unique mezcal that reflects its surroundings like no other and was recently voted Best Mezcal for a Negroni. Derrumbes Cenizo, from Durango, provides a beautiful balance of summer fruits, nuts and dry minerality, mixing perfectly was a citrus balance.

Looking at other spirits in the range Oaxaca is produced by third generation agave farmer and Maestro Javier Mateo and his family in the town of Santiago Matatlán. It is a round, full-bodied Mezcal with a light smokiness that gives way to its minerality and delicate fruitiness.

Michoacán is an elegant combination of Michoacán’s iconic Chino and Alto agaves and its unique ancestral distillation technique. Chino (Cupreata) brings mature fruit notes while Alto (Ineaquidens) complements with a delicate herbaceous character that resembles the pine forests that surround it.

Zacatecas is made from 100 per cent Tequilana Weber in the village of Huitzila, by the Bañuelos family. Pit roasted, tahona ground and spontaneously fermented, Derrumbes Zacatecas is a rare opportunity to travel back in time to experience a more ancient expression like Blue agave.

Tamaulipas is an area with a complex history of violence, making it hard to visit and making this Mezcal one to cherish. It offers a blend of three different agaves: Tamaulipas endemic Funkiana and Univittata, together with Americana. The result is a high-energy spirit that feels sweet, dry and rich.

Durango is produced in the remote village of Nombre de Dios in the northern Mexican state. It is a varietal made exclusively of Durango’s endemic agave Durangensis and delivers an exciting balance of summer fruit, nuts and dry minerality that finishes seamlessly with a beautiful light smokiness.

The full range is now available in Australia through Agave Lux and Co-Founder Howard Baynie explains why he really wanted to have the Mezcal range available to Australian bars once again.

“As consumers continue to learn there is more to Agave Spirits than Tequila we find the real beauty, complexity and diversity lies outside the main production areas that have become, sadly, over commercialised to meet the demand.

“We pride ourselves on finding producers who focus on the harmony and biodiversity of the land they cultivate, traditional production techniques and those who support the people of the local community.”

To find out more and understand how you can list these incredible Mezcal products visit or contact Howard Baynie on or 0411 676 253.

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