Jands Senior Technical Engineer Thomas Kelly explains the key factors for venues to consider when choosing, installing or upgrading a sound system.

Sound systems can make or break the ambience of a venue – and make or break its fortunes. Poorly positioned speakers can mean that some patrons are overwhelmed by sound, while others have no soundtrack at all. In both cases, they’re unlikely to stick around and put money behind the bar for very long.

While venue owners and operators have all the know-how when it comes to mixing cocktails, pouring coffees or hosting events, but audio engineering is not likely to be an area of expertise.

And this is where Kelly believes Jands can provide operators with an advantage.

“We have the expertise to understand the needs for each different type of space, and to integrate the end customer into a solution that will enhance their space and their facility to the ultimate game: which is to spend more time in there so they spend more money,” Kelly says.

Not only can Jands assist with the installation of new sound systems, or with the sound design of venues that are either opening or being renovated, it can also help operators to upgrade their existing sound systems.

“Jands’ in house design team will deliver the best AV outcome by designing a solution tailored for any (venue) project. Jands’ focus is to enhance and compliment the design aesthetic with an AV solution that not only blends into the design but provides a desirable ambience for your customers/clients,” Kelly continues.

“Jands will work closely in the pre-design stage with nominated architects or interior designers as well as any nominated AV integrator or Project Manager.”

A key element that Kelly feels is often overlooked by operators is well-rounded, holistic sound throughout the venue.

“Evenness of sound – that is really important,” Kelly explains.

“You don’t want to be sitting having one speaker in the corner booming – noone’s ever going to want to sit there. Having an even distribution of that sound so that everyone has the same experience.”

What this means practically is more speakers with a lower volume, which ensures “everyone gets that nice evenness and vibe, and that people are having those moments.”

In other sorts of venues, such as nightclubs and bars, a well-structured sound system is integral to attracting what Kelly calls “energy”, and to presenting high quality entertainment.

“Rider friendliness is a big thing if you’re a top tier venue. Having a something that an artist is familiar with in that venue – a good sound system is very important [to artists].”

“Even more important to be honest, is having the sound design done so it attracts the audience in the direction of where things are coming from.

“So we put our sound system in on either side of a stage, because having it positioned appropriately so it attracts you towards where that singer is, where that artist is, is very, very important.

“Likewise, on a dance floor, having energy attracted to that.”

Finally, Kelly says that Jands can provide solutions to venues of all kinds – bars, cafes and restaurants of differing types and sizes.

“Jand’s has the ability to offer different pitches of pricing all the way through,” Kelly says.

And the Technical Engineer advises venues “not to be frightened – to have a conversation and work through the process of what they really want to do, so we can work with them to build a solution that is going to be conducive to having bums on seats that are going to stay there to turn over well.”

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