‘Tis the season, in many ways right now.

Summer is rearing its head with Christmas right around the corner, and across the country consumers are looking forward to enjoying the best delicacies of the season. A delicacy that us Aussies simply can’t go past is the oyster, with Sydney Rock Oysters currently in their prime.

When it comes to completing the oyster experience, many consumers are aware of the classic pairing with dry white and sparkling wines. But this year is special, being the first unrestricted festive season in a few years, and consumers will be looking to celebrate accordingly.

And for those consumers not content to settle for the same old oyster and wine routine, there’s another distinctly premium option – Scotch whisky.

Just like the oyster, Scotch whiskies are heavily influenced by the region in which they are created. Also like the oyster, Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky in particular has a distinct maritime influence, defined and shaped by the stunning coastal location of its hometown of Wick. Naturally, bringing these two tastes of the sea together is a match made in heaven.

Old Pulteney Huddart is one of the exceptional single malts of the range that captures this taste of the sea in every drop of its liquid gold. A distinctively smoky take on Old Pulteney, it celebrates the brand’s connection to Wick since 1826, a time when it was a thriving fishing port.

With a wide flavour spectrum ranging from subtle coastal chords to vanilla, spice and more defined salty notes, Old Pulteney Huddart brings out the deep, rich and lasting sweetness that Sydney Rock Oysters are known for. And the oysters give back too, with their brine complementing and bringing out that gentle salinity in the whisky, to take consumers on a journey from vibrancy to indulgence.

“Old Pulteney Whiskies have a uniquely salty, saline character that pairs perfectly with a freshly shucked oyster,” said Andy Milne, Portfolio Manager at SouthTrade International, the local distributor of Old Pulteney.

“The additional maturation of its Huddart Whisky in ex peated whisky casks adds a delicate smoke element which dances atop those salty notes. The balanced sweet, smoke and saltiness of the whisky match the oyster like for like, creating the perfect harmony.”

Thanks to its distillation and maturation by the sea, the whole range from Old Pulteney is influenced by the ocean, with traditional warehouses exposed to the invigorating sea air that blows off the North Sea.

These coastal characteristics in the wider Old Pulteney range make the brand a perfect pairing not only with oysters, but a wide range of the seafood that Aussie consumers will be seeking out this festive season, from juicy king prawns to succulent scallops, to an extensive selection of fish.

“The north-east coast of Scotland is well known for providing some of the finest seafood in the world, from scallops, langoustines, lobsters to oysters. Much like the famous wine regions of the world whose local food matches its wines perfectly, the same can be said about Old Pulteney Whisky and seafood,” said Milne.

“Swap that wine glass for an Old Pulteney Huddart highball next time you’re ordering that seafood platter and you’ll be truly rewarded for it.”

For those consumers looking to seriously step up their seafood experiences this summer, Old Pulteney’s maritime qualities provide a delightful and elevated pairing option. For more information about stocking the Old Pulteney range, contact your local SouthTrade International representative.

Brydie Allen

Brydie Allen is the Editor of National Liquor News. She has been with Food and Beverage Media since 2019, when she joined the company as a journalist across National Liquor News, Bars & Clubs, The...