Royalties from songs played at gigs last year went directly to

  • 14,463 Aussie songwriters who still live in Australia
  • 908 Aussie songwriters who have relocated overseas

Royalties come from the licence fees paid by pubs, clubs and others to APRA AMCOS, from data in APRA AMCOS’ annual report (October).

Almost half of the 103,000 APRA members earned royalties last year (45,000).

Live performers – bands and soloists – submit a report to APRA once a year to show what song they have played live and when. Last year a record number of musicians went through the process.

APRA then works out who owns the song (sometimes not the person submitting the report as they might be singing covers) and then splits up the live performance licence fees. It is a time-consuming process but when $7 million is at stake, well worth the effort for the members performing in pubs and bars around the country.

APRA AMCOS and fellow music rights manager PPCA launched OneMusic in July to make life easer for publicans. OneMusic allows a pub to sort out and pay their annual music licensing in one go, online.

A licensee only needs to switch over to OneMusic when they are notified, about 120 hotels a month get a letter from OneMusic. This will continue to July 2020. Eight out of ten licensees make the switch by the due-date.

For more on what OneMusic will mean for your business, go to, call 1300 162 162 or drop us a line

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