Many operators use wholesalers solely as place to order their beverages, but these days, you can expect so much more from suppliers – from promotional material to menu curation. With a new focus on the on-premise, ALM Liquor has now launched Agora, a new platform exclusively for on-premise clients.

Launched to the trade in late October, Agora is the industry’s first online marketplace which connects suppliers all over Australia to venues with an ALM account. But in a move that allows venues to access so much more than stock, the platform also gives operators the tools for a holistic approach to their back bar.

It provides venues with limited offers, exclusive deals, need-to-know advertising, sales tools, event invitations, product information, brand ambassador social media feeds and updates, trade presenters and brand tasting notes.

“Agora will evolve to provide venues with access to training sessions by Australian and international leading experts including tools to create new beer, wine and cocktail menus, customise their own point of sale for digital or print, uniforms and venue solutions and other tools to assist on-premise venues grow their businesses,” added Jeremy Goodale, southern states general manager for ALM.

Agora also allows venue operators to work around their own schedules. The platform is designed to provide the on-premise venue with the ability to plan their days by scheduling when they want to see a supplier representative.

“From making contact and booking in brand ambassadors, venues will now have the ability to view and download trade presenters, advertising and limited offers in their own time. They will also have access to supplier contact details and information about events and branded merchandise, all through an easy-to-use platform which is linked to their ALM account. It will enable the venue to manage their supplier contact through one easy site, at a time that suits them,” explains Goodale.

Such an approach to ordering and promoting stock will be of particular benefit to smaller and regional venues, with the online platform giving the venues access to the same suppliers, products and tools as the bigger metropolitan venues across the country.

“Agora enables smaller and regional on-premise venues to connect with more suppliers through the click of a button. They will essentially have a virtual rep available to them when they want and with what they want.

“The social media content that comes from the features we do on venues and staff as well as the knowledge from brand ambassadors will ensure that they are even more connected to trends and insights than ever before.”

Agora is just one feature ALM is introducing for on-premise customers. Over the past six months, each ALM warehouse across the country has increased and improved their range to accommodate on-premise requirements. It has adapted its credit terms, partnered with suppliers to create a greater spread of promotions that support a venue’s bottom line, and introduced national communication through EDMs, social and digital, all to benefit the on-premise industry.