The great Italian ritual of aperitivo is continuing to gain traction in Australia and as such, with its rich Italian heritage, Galliano is encouraging people to take part in the aperitivo occasion by creating easy to make Galliano cocktails at home.

Traditionally in Italy, aperitivo is about more than just drinks – it’s a whole experience. Aperitivo is all about socialisation and enjoying time together with family and friends over light refreshments and nibbles before a meal and is used to kick-start both the metabolism and the appetite.

And although Galliano is not a traditional apéritif, it is a collection of  liqueurs that is steeped in Italian history and as such, its strategy of building up the aperitivo occasion in Australia and encouraging people to engage in it more regularly, is right on brand.

Beam Suntory believes there is now an opportunity to build awareness of the aperitivo occasion in Australia, as we see consumers thinking more and more about what they are drinking, focusing on occasions and on premium products.

“[Aperitivo] is less of a one-off occasion, as in many parts of Italy it is something that has become as regular as your morning coffee, with it being a daily or weekly event. It is more deeply ingrained into their routines, whereas for Australians it is seen as more of a special occasion that might occur once a month, or before a night out on the town among family and friends,” the company said.

“What we are trying to achieve through our new drink strategy is encouraging people to engage in the aperitivo occasion more regularly by providing them with cocktails that are easy to make at home. Galliano has a rich Italian heritage, so we want to share these simple, delicious drinks that people can enjoy at home.”

“The new Galliano drink strategies are focused around the aperitivo and digestivo occasions, being before and after dinner. Using the Galliano range, there is a flavour for every occasion with a focus on food pairing. We have chosen to focus on these occasions because they are quintessential to Italian culture, with a focus on friends, family and food, which are some of the most important values of the Galliano brand. The focus of the aperitivo strategies is the Galliano Vanilla, providing two light pre-meal drinks, whereas the digestivo strategies are broader, using Galliano Ristretto, Amaretto, Sambuca Black and Sambuca White.”

Galliano Vanilla has been a key for the aperitivo style drinks strategy from Galliano, and as such, the brand has provided two simple cocktail recipes to try at home with ease!



30ml Galliano Vanilla

30ml of grapefruit juice


Glassware: Champagne flute

Garnish: N/A


  1. Add Galliano Vanilla and the grapefruit
  2. Top with Prosecco



30ml Galliano Vanilla

30ml Italian Bitters

30ml Gin

Glassware: Rocks

Garnish: Orange twist


  1. Add all ingredients into mixing glass with ice
  2. Stir gently
  3. Strain into Rocks glass over fresh ice
  4. Garnish with Orange zest

Deborah Jackson

Deb joined Intermedia in 2015 as Editor of National Liquor News and Deputy Editor of The Shout. Since then, she has also worked as the Editor of Beer & Brewer and the New Zealand title, World of Wine....