Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, the way we do things has changed significantly. Never has there been a greater focus on home experiences, as consumers seek to recreate interesting and entertaining moments from the comfort and shelter of their own homes.

And because of this, they’re looking for something special to elevate their home drinking occasions. These are extraordinary times, they deserve little tastes of luxury.

Perfectly placed to meet this need is super premium Beluga Vodka. The high end vodka’s unparalleled gourmet qualities make it a sublime addition to any cocktail, as well as delightfully smooth to consume neat. These elements also give it the ability to create beautiful food and beverage pairings.

“The balance, integration and very smooth taste of Beluga vodka perfectly cleans the palate and prepares it to fully taste very complex but delicate foods such as caviar and seafood,” said Stefano Redo, Brand Manager for Beluga Vodka in Australia.

“Beluga Vodka has an unrivalled balance and integration which makes it the perfect vodka for all those cocktails where you want to express the true nature of the spirit. A Martini is undoubtedly Beluga Vodka’s best representation in the cocktails’ world.”

What the entire Beluga range has in common is a super-premium quality, both in the liquid itself, but also the packaging which makes it an impressive addition to any shelf or backbar.

The iconic Beluga fish is on every bottle, modelled after the famous Beluga sturgeon that produces some of the world’s finest caviar. Beluga Transatlantic, Allure and Gold Line also come in premium leather packaging, for that little extra touch of elegance.

“Beluga brings a luxurious approach into vodka and one that is extremely high quality. It’s the perfect brand for all those people that do not want to compromise with quality,” Redo said.

“You find anything like Beluga in the vodka category. We care about how we taste and how we look and Beluga Vodka’s packaging is a reflection of the brand’s true luxury nature.”

Beluga Gold Line is the limited edition vodka for true connoisseurs, undergoing a five-fold filtering process and 90 day resting period. Best paired with caviar, red meat and red fish, the bottle comes with its own hammer brush to remove the special sealing wax on the cork.

This is available in Australia alongside the brand’s core range, including flagship product Beluga Noble, best paired with tartar and cold meats, Beluga Transatlantic, which should be tried with oysters and seafood, and Beluga Allure, a delight with fruits, sorbets and other desserts. The product differences lie in the minimal addition of natural extracts, which enhance the richness of each expression to create different SKUs for different cocktails and gourmet experiences.

This year Beluga Vodka started a distribution partnership with Vanguard Luxury Brands, renowned for their appreciation and celebration of high end spirits.

“We’re so excited to work with Beluga. The vodka and the people behind it really are the best,” said James France, Founder and Managing Director at Vanguard Luxury Brands.

Despite the start of this partnership coinciding with the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, things have started well. Now, with the country setting off on a long road to recovery, both Beluga Vodka and Vanguard Luxury Brands are ready and eager to work with the trade to provide a new avenue for growth in the ultra-premium vodka space.

“We, at Beluga Vodka, knew Vanguard Luxury Brands was the perfect fit for our brand and this synergy is already bringing some great results. The trade is very happy Beluga Vodka is now part of Vanguard’s portfolio and are showing us very good support,” Redo said.

“Covid has changed many things but we have to look at a positive future. We really look forward to being part of a new beginning and we want to offer Australian venues and stores an excellent product and service.”

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