Over the past few years, the occasion of World Whisky Day (WWD) has skyrocketed to become the second biggest selling period for the whisky category, behind only Christmas.

This year’s WWD falls on May 15 and will undoubtedly meet, if not exceed the heightened sales records of previous years. According to Campari, the events of 2020 have created the perfect environment for consumers to bring the celebration home in 2021, driving the popularity of the occasion like never before.

“WWD is likely to be bigger than ever. We know that whisky consumption often occurs at home, so it is very likely that people will seize the unique offers that WWD provides to create a premium at home experience,” said Paolo Marinoni, Campari Marketing Director.

Campari is supporting this WWD opportunity through increased retail channel investment and promotion of its vast and award winning whisky portfolio, which features The Glen Grant, Wild Turkey and Russell’s Reserve.

To capitalise on the strong offering of the Campari portfolio this WWD, Marinoni recommends preparing for the occasion now, taking advantage of shopper interest in the whisky category around the day.

“We know that WWD attracts new consumers to the category, so retailers should feature a spectrum of activations, highlighting entry level offerings such as The Glen Grant Arboralis, which is one of the lightest and more approachable single malts on the market, through to some higher value, richer and more intense offerings such as Wild Turkey Rare Breed,” Marinoni said.

“The whisky category has so much history and so much beautiful imagery associated with it, so retailers should utilise these to create strong in-store visibility and theatre. Whisky is no longer an older man’s drink – we are seeing a younger, more unisex consumer interact with the category and retailers should celebrate this by making their WWD offering visible to all.”

Campari has also confirmed it will be there every step of the way for retailers looking for strong sales around the WWD occasion, but also for those who want to grow and boost their knowledge on whisky for continued future success.

“Whilst WWD is a fantastic retail opportunity it is also a great opportunity for retailers to learn more about the different categories within whisky. We encourage retailers to approach their supplier reps to organise some training on the category for themselves,” Marinoni said.

Need some product inspiration? Check out The Glen Grant Arboralis

The Glen Grant Arboralis is the latest single malt Scotch in the Glen Grant range and has quickly become one of the top selling single malts within Australia.

Arboralis, a term meaning ‘light from within the trees,’ is a bright, golden single malt Scotch whisky, aged in ex-bourbon and ex-Spanish sherry oak casks and sheltered by tall, ancient trees lining the Victorian Gardens of The Glen Grant Distillery.

Nurtured in traditional dunnage warehouses, Arboralis is an unmistakable tribute to the legendary Glen Grant flavour profile that been celebrated for over 180 years. It’s enticing, bright gold colour, its floral and fruity aromas and delicious flavours of vanilla, butterscotch, and dried fruits make this single malt expression one that is enjoyed by all, and perfect for both delighting current consumers and introducing new consumers into the category.

The Glen Grant Arboralis is available from Campari Australia.

Brydie Allen

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