Designing and building a loudspeaker system can be a long and confusing process. There are many different types of speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers on the market therefore important to take the right steps to create the optimal sound experience for your hospitality space.

Whether you’re operating a live performance venue that needs high-powered loudspeakers for full-scale coverage, or you’re a pub in need of a portable loudspeaker system for a beer garden, every venue has different acoustic requirements.

We’ve broken down the three most common types of speakers to help get you started.


Choosing the Right Speaker System

Each of Electro-Voice’s loudspeakers combines crisp sound quality with a neat, compact design to provide maximum coverage for a variety of different venue spaces. They are uniquely designed to fit seamlessly into the background of your space, ensuring that they don’t detract from the rest of your environment.


Installed Loudspeakers for Optimal Sound Coverage

For venues in need of high-quality acoustic sound with an aesthetically pleasing look, installed commercial loudspeakers from the Electro-Voice EVID range are the right fit. Perfect for restaurants, pubs, clubs and sports bars, they provide background and foreground audio coverage for every space so each of your visitors can hear critical sound.

Installed commercial loudspeakers from Electro-Voice come in a variety of indoor and outdoor versions and are also compatible with several different mount models, including surface, ceiling and flush, to ensure that they blend neatly into the background of any venue.


Premium Sound Performance Loudspeakers

For venues that demand performance-level audio, Electro-Voice offer live performance loudspeakers for high-intensity music. Perfect for performance spaces, nightclubs and auditoriums, these loudspeakers combine premium sound quality with precision coverage to deliver the best sound experience.

Electro-Voice’s EVF live performance speakers are easily customisable and can be modified to fit different venue types. Pair your loudspeakers with a selection of subwoofers and amplifiers to give your audience an optimised listening experience.

Finding the perfect performance loudspeaker can be confusing, but Electro-Voice’s selection of cost-effective and diverse products ensure that you can stay within your budget without compromising on quality.


Affordable Portable Loudspeakers

DJs, bands and acoustic entertainers can perform in a variety of locations throughout a venue, so it’s important to have loudspeakers that deliver on both quality and portability. For scenarios like these, the Electro-Voice EVOLVE series of loudspeakers are easy to carry, pack down after events, and transport to different locations, so they are perfect for venues that require flexibility.

For venues that don’t want to permanently mount their speakers, portable loudspeaker setups give you the flexibility to easily assemble and deconstruct your entertainment space whenever you need to.


A System that Suits You

As a leading Australian distributor of audio and lighting products for over 50 years, Jands has a team that can assist you with every step, from technical specification and design, through to commissioning and implementation.


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