One of the greatest things that make Australia’s drinks industry so vibrant is the innovation behind it.

From flavour to format to technique, Australian producers are continually breaking ground in so many areas, catering to the consumer thirst for something unique, something special, and ultimately, something they really enjoy drinking.

That’s exactly why the new CQ Spritz range is poised for incredible success over summer, being a standout, appetising and on-trend hybrid beverage perfect for any occasion, especially as the weather warms.

Named after the initials of its creator, Christina Quarisa (pictured above), CQ Spritz was developed from the wine in a can section of the Australian market to offer shoppers a contemporary, convenient and delicious beverage choice, unlike they’d ever seen before.

“The CQ Spritz brand makes classic, ready to pour, wine-based cocktail flavour beverages,” Quarisa explained.

“Our Negroni, Pink Cosmo, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri spritz, are crafted with natural quality flavours and a light bubble to give it a refreshing spritz feeling.”

The classic cocktail flavours were chosen both from Quarisa’s personal taste but also extensive research to find the gap in the market. This, combined with the innovation that went into creating the brand from all angles, creates a solid point of difference for the CQ Spritz range.

Hybrid beverages are often tipped as the next big thing in the market, due to their broadened appeal to different consumer needs and desires, achieved by a multi-category infusion. For example, the target market for CQ Spritz is males and females over 18, and as Quarisa said: “This is a broad target market but it is such a versatile and delicious beverage, that I think it will be enjoyed by most demographics.”

But creating a hybrid beverage that simultaneously meets the desires of a range of demographics isn’t simple. As the development of CQ Spritz range shows, a producer needs to be thinking through an innovative lens every step of the way.

That’s why CQ Spritz is wine based, naturally flavoured to closely resemble the cocktails without adding spirits. The result at eight per cent ABV is an uniquely refreshing and easy drinking canned drink that lets consumers ‘drink the sunset’.

“When I got to the stage of working with the flavour house, I wanted to ensure that the flavours tasted like the cocktails,” Quarisa said.

“The flavour house I worked with is really great at what they do and they got all of the flavours right on the first go. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the different flavour elements came together and gave a shocking similar taste that resembled the cocktails so much.

“I didn’t want to proceed unless I got the ‘yes! this tastes like a cosmo’ reaction. It’s just a new and exciting way of drinking a wine!”

The process behind the liquid combines with the story of how the brand came alive to embody the sunset too. While out in Perth one weekend, she watched the sunset over the water and was amazed by the striking colours combining to create something ‘ridiculously beautiful.’

“Once I got thinking about the sunset I realised that the cocktail flavours I had chosen matched the colours of the scenery. So on the packaging of each product, there a sunset or sky with a tag line ‘drink the sunset’ which I thought was a great final touch,” Quarisa said.

The launch of the range, just in time for Spring, Summer and the best sunset occasions, is the result of two years of hard work and determination to create the perfect wine cocktail hybrid. Over time, the core direction has never wavered, just developed in a way to carve out a widely appealing and exciting new sector in the market.

“I think the category of the products is definitely in its own sector of the market, but at the same time is competing with a broad range of products… its definitely a hybrid product, which I think is really cool because hybrid products are within the niche market. I do believe CQ Spritz offers a point of difference to its competitors as it is new and exciting,” Quarisa said.

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