By Kate Willson

We often use movies or books as vehicles to transport us to fictional worlds far removed from our own. Sometimes it’s nice to immerse ourselves in the scenes conjured by relatable characters’ experiences and engaging plots, forgetting our own predictable lives for a while.

Delicious food can do the same thing, stimulating multiple senses and involuntary responses with a single bite. Which is why a visit to Melbourne’s Trinket in Flinders Lane should be numero uno on your must-visit list.

At Trinket – where the pizzas, share plates and creative cocktails compete for hero status – you can come together with your partner-in-crime, your BFF’s or your fab fam, to sit back and enjoy a fantastic food and drink experience in a vibrant environment designed for luxurious comfort.

Trinket tempts, tantalises and treats your tastebuds to an exciting food and drinks menu where excellence comes in the form of the mouth-watering share plates and to-die-for pizzas. Stone baked to perfection on sourdough bases with gluten free options, these pizzas showcase sensational seasonal produce. Just one slice will transport your tastebuds half way across the world to a place with crowded piazzas and red-checked tablecloths.

Trinket’s crafted pizzas feature succulent combinations like meatballs and blue cheese with pickled onion, and prawns with zucchini, anchovies and mozza. Vego options for everyone include broccolini, artichoke and beetroot or pumpkin, sage, ricotta and onion. The mushroom, truffle and ricotta pizza is a conversation-stopper – just while your tastebuds take a quick trip to heaven and back. Pair these amazing gourmet pizzas with delectable share plates and fresh salads and wash it all down with your drink of choice for a memorable lunch, dinner or late evening snack.

The Trinket beverage list is exclusive, only the best drops are allowed to feature. Specialty cocktails are somewhat of a signature tipple at Trinket, and it’s easy to see why. The extensive list includes many creative concoctions to tease and please.

Not to be outdone by the flair and flamboyance of Trinket’s creative cocktail list is an outstanding wine list featuring sophisticated Australian, New Zealand and European wines while the craftiest of craft beers absolutely hit the spot.

It’s more fun than an action-packed movie and more real than a gripping, page-turner novel when you hang out with your tribe at Trinket. Check out their featured not-to-be-missed events celebrated in true Melbourne style, such as Bottomless Pizza & Cocktails – available every Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm–2:30pm and $12 Classic Cocktails daily from 4pm-6pm.

If you’re planning an important function Trinket have a private space to wow your guests. Up to 50 guests can journey through the special wardrobe door into the wondrous room beyond – one Trinket proudly call The Garnet Den. The Garnet Den is a hidden cellar bar filled with glamour and glitz and complete with a private bar for night-long fun and frivolity. Book this space or go all out and book the entire treasure trove, that is the whole of Trinket and all its gems, for an amazing event which will be the highlight on everyone’s social calendar.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.