A staple in commercial kitchens and one of the most popular food sauces enjoyed by Aussies all year-round, Gravy comes in different types across a range of different recipes. When paired correctly, gravy can make the perfect accompaniment and significantly elevate your dish to provide a great tasting experience. Understanding the versatility of gravy can therefore allow chefs to tailor their menu offerings and showcase their creativity in the most classic of dishes or at special occasions.

Some Inspiration to Finding your Signature Gravy Flavour

Adding something extra to a dish can help build interest from patrons and draw in diners. It can therefore be a good idea to use high quality gravy mixes as a base to further build on flavours and create a special signature sauce to your dishes.

From a classic Chicken Schnitty Gravy to a delicious Steak served with a Red Wine Gravy, get inspired by different recipes of MAGGI gravy flavours here and happy creating!

More about The Range

Whether you are after a classic rich brown gravy or a gluten-free option, the wide MAGGI gravy range allows you to confidently cater to all your customers, with the perfect finishing touch to your dishes.

From our signature beef-style Rich Gravy Mix to our Gluten-free option or our Golden Roast Gravy to pair with white meats, find out more about our range here.

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