Stringent security and immigration regulations have put one of hospitality’s current challenges on overdrive: how are employers supposed to fill open positions when there’s a drought of applicants? Add to that historically high turnover rates of 30 per cent of workers quitting within working six months, and the labour crisis gets real.

In addition to the absence of available backpackers for your workforce, consumers are not going out as frequently as they did before the pandemic; they are being careful about choosing venues that they know they will enjoy. So delivering a consistent customer experience, something that has always been important, has become even more crucial in this current trading climate.

WorkJam is a digital workplace that provides hospitality businesses with training, communication, and task management tools and is proven to meet your business’s demands.

Take training for instance; to effectively instruct employees in the shortest amount of time, you can leverage WorkJam’s LXP (Learning Experience Platform) and deliver lessons consumed at work or at home, whichever you allow.

What really engages employees is training tailored toward their needs and their career growth. You can achieve incredible results by implementing a training model that includes micro-, active- and community-learning. Providing a great customer experience is a hands-on activity that needs to be trained and tested as such.

The WorkJam platform will elevate training out of its silo, making it an essential, living, breathing component of how employees work – and how they engage with your organisation.

Zagame Corporation is one of Australia’s most respected and well-known hotel groups and the group is using WorkJam to help maintain its standards for excellence.

Zagames believes that when their employees are happy, their customers are happy. As a result, their business goals involve setting up systems, processes, and tools that make life easier for their employees.

WorkJam enabled Zagames to help their employees increase camaraderie during a stressful time, learn new skills and procedures, and meet unpredictable compliance requirements with two-way communication, modular learning and training, and mobile schedule presentation.

Also, highlighting how adaptable the WorkJam platform is, to keep employees and customers safe in the pandemic, Zagames rolled-out automated health checks within WorkJam. The health checks tied into WorkJam’s mobile punching functionality to ensure and record all on-shift team members are ready to serve patrons.

In addition, operators can communicate across teams and venues and, for instance, broadcast open shifts in a particular venue. An employee can then pick the shifts that fit their availability, will seek more daily.

One of the things the pandemic has taught many businesses and operators is the need to work smarter and consistently. WorkJam is a solution that helps bring consistency across groups and venues and standarisation for onboarding and training staff.

Agility and resilience have been the operative words over the past 12 months to run operations well. You need a solution that has been proven to deliver both. To find out more about WorkJam and the vast benefits, it can bring to your business, request a demonstration through the WorkJam website.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.