There’s never been a better time to celebrate than this Christmas and New Year’s period, as restrictions lift nationwide and we can all finally connect with friends and family properly again.

With such a positive and exciting environment, the 2021 celebration season is looking to be extra special for Australians, so shoppers are looking for extra special products to enjoy these occasions and make up for missed moments.

Whisky is perfectly placed to cater to these consumers, whether they’re looking for gifting options or drinks that really complement festive occasions. Examples of this great positioning can be found across the entire Glenfiddich portfolio, with on-trend, quality products that tick all the boxes for shoppers this season, while providing fantastic outcomes for retailers too.

According to a recent survey conducted by Glenfiddich, single malt whisky in particular is capturing the hearts of gift-giving shoppers. Single malt is the most gifted category of all spirits at 33 per cent, higher than total liquor (18 per cent) and spirits such as tequila (20 per cent) and other whiskey (20 per cent).

To help retailers maximise this opportunity, Glenfiddich makes things extra special with personalised labels, available across the whole range up to and including Gran Reserva, 21 year old. Considering 33 per cent of gifting shoppers say they would pay more for a personalised gift, this is a great chance to increase margin even further in a high performing category.

Kristie Asciak, Marketing Manager for Glenfiddich at William Grant & Sons, said: “Christmas is a peak selling period but high margin products from the Glenfiddich range can help retailers maximise this seasonal shopping period.

“By promoting personalisation in store retailers can capture a greater share of the gifting opportunity and encourage shoppers to trade up from other categories such as blended whisky.”

The personalised labels can be supported with a great range of digital assets and POS material from William Grant & Sons. This year, Glenfiddich is boosting this further with new merchandising that helps create a solid impact with shoppers.

“Every retailer across Australia can offer personalised labels in their store by directing shoppers to to create their label, which will arrive to them by post. To support retailers even more this year we merchandised our Glenfiddich 12 and Glenfiddich 15 tubes with collars that call out personalisation on shelf. This makes it easier than ever for retailers to capture the gift shopper, with the right display,” Asciak said.

The Glenfiddich portfolio also has some great options for the shopper looking for the best beverages to share with loved ones on special occasions like New Year’s Eve. Glenfiddich Grand Cru, the brand’s latest release, really encapsulates this and is a true spirit of celebration.

The super premium whisky is aged for 23 years and finished in rare French cuvée casks, boasting layers of rich vanilla oak, sweet brioche, sandalwood, pear sorbet and white grape for a long, opulent and sweet finish. Luxuriously gorgeous packaging calls out its premium status and creates connections between product and occasion.

Glenfiddich Grand Cru is an incredible product in its own right, but also has added appeal, given it was launched this year, as one third of shoppers would pay more for a new release whisky. 

This potential is boosted even more with curated activations and displays in store, as Asciak advised: “In a recent survey 70 per cent of gift shoppers stated they were motivated by nice packaging or a special display.”

Other tips from Glenfiddich to make the most out of whisky this celebration season include:

  • Increase whisky facings for the month: doubling facings can double sales, with half of all sales decided on in the isle.
  • Ensure the right range: know your customer base and optimise stock turn over with the right mix of classic, explorer or connoisseur single malts.
  • Know your customer: For those stores with a strong whisky clientele, consider giving more shelf space to higher aged expressions. Aged expressions can respond up to three times better on display.

Find out more about how Glenfiddich can help your store make the most of whisky this season by contacting your local William Grant & Sons representative.

The Shout Team

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