Introducing American Beverage Marketer’s Finest Call, a premium range of cocktail mixers that bartenders across the globe can trust.

Finest Call have worked tirelessly over the last 20 years to become the world’s most trusted and dependable professional cocktail mixer and is a trusted resource behind any bar.

In 2017 alone, Finest Call sales grew by 27% and was included in over 400 million cocktails in over 84 countries, which has allowed the brand to really showcase the many benefits that it brings to leading on-premise hospitality businesses globally.

To create the best cocktail mixers, the Finest Call team start with sourcing the best ingredients, scouring the world to identify and select the most renowned varieties of fruit to help guarantee a premium cocktail experience with perfect consistency in every batch. The Finest Call technical department identify the optimal harvest time for every fruit that is used, ensuring that this perfect ripeness translates to unsurpassed flavour.

The Finest Call offers a substantial product range, which covers all different bar offerings including purees, syrups and speciality cocktail mixers that are true to each cocktail requirement.

The cocktail market in Australia is growing in sales, offering venues the opportunity to capitalise on this through a comprehensive and quality cocktail mixer range. The Finest Call is designed with the bartender in mind. Benefits for on-premise hospitality venues include:

  • Profit Margin – Most standard Finest Call cocktail recipes include spirit cost under $2.50 which allows the venue to offer cocktails at a competitive price. Additionally, the cost of 30 fresh limes is around $25-$30, while a bottle of Single Pressed Lime Finest Call is approximately $10.
  • Time – Finest Call bottles are designed for a consistent pour every time with each pourer modified for different products allowing portion control, increased speed of service and ensuring the best taste. The Finest Call product range will also save time and steps when making cocktails.
  • Wastage – Finest Call will help venues save on ingredient costs as the range boasts a shelf life of over 18 months on most Finest Call SKUs.
  • Consistent Quality – Finest Call source fresh ingredients from around the world ensuring consistent and seasonal quality.
  • Versatility – Three to four Finest Call SKUs can deliver over 10 cocktails, ensuring a wider choice of cocktail offerings.
  • Trends – The Finest Call product development team heavily researches cocktail trends to ensure all products match consumers’ needs and the brand has an extensive library of cocktail recipes available to inspire all markets, trends and venue types.
  • High Volume Offering – Rest assured, Finest Call pre-batched cocktails will allow high volume venues to meet their demand.

Finest Call is owned by American Beverage Marketers and distributed in Australia by SouthTrade International. For more information visit SouthTrade International.