Building confidence will be vital in persuading consumers to visit the out-of-home market post-lockdown. A new McCain commissioned independent research across New Zealand reveals how consumers will place increasing scrutiny over food outlets they choose to visit, and their menus. The quality and sourcing of ingredients has always been an integral consideration for consumers when choosing where to visit, but research shows 70.9% of consumers would feel more confident eating out at a restaurant (as restrictions ease) that shares information on the source of its ingredients. In fact 77% expect venues to provide information around where food was grown or produced, when venues are allowed to re-open. In the new world, it’s fair to say provenance will be a key expectation for a majority of consumers when deciding where to go and eat.
INCREASING APPEAL OF NEW ZEALAND PRODUCE With 69.9% saying that they find New Zealand produce more appealing now than prior to the COVID 19 crisis, it is evident that the appeal of local produce will be at the forefront of consumers’ minds post lockdown. Additionally, research suggests that consumers have greater trust in New Zealand produce and perceive it to be fresher and better in quality. They also firmly believe that ‘New Zealand produce’ supports farmers, growers and the local economy, thus serving a larger economic purpose. POST LOCKDOWN, CONSUMERS HAVE A GREATER EXPECTATION FOR VENUES TO SERVE NEW ZEALAND PRODUCE 80.6% consumers said that they would be more inclined to eat at their local restaurants and pubs knowing that they source local ingredients thus supporting local farmers and the economy. 77.7% said they are now more interested to know about where the food and produce comes from once venues re-open. Keeping consumers informed will ensure the most frequent and lucrative visitors keep returning to the food outlets they love. IN SUMMARY
  • Sourcing and provenance are predicted to become even more important to consumers in a post-COVID out of home market.
  • Consumers will increase the scrutiny that they place on food outlets when it comes to provenance.
  • New Zealand products on menus will appeal more to consumers post lockdown and will influence their decision about where to eat out.
McCAIN’s FOR LOCAL McCain Foods is all about celebrating local produce, people and communities. That’s why we’ve been serving quality produce in New Zealand for over 30 years. Working with over 12 local growers and over 250 local employees and continually investing in our local plants, we’re committed to supporting local and building a bright future, together. To get all the insights on Why Local Matters and access more information on how McCain contributes to local, visit Source of Data: Independent McCain study across New Zealand, May 2020.

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