The coronavirus crisis has changed many things about life as we know it, some of those will be permanent, others temporary, but still here for the long- and short-term future.

The Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy said recently that he thought the coronavirus pandemic would see Australians drop many habits such as the “soldier on” at work mindset, and that “good-quality hand hygiene” would be here to stay.

Another change was highlighted by Prime Minister Scott Morrison who said that as Australia starts to reopen and unwind restrictions, workplaces will need to be COVID-safe. The PM said hundreds of thousands of Australians had been protected through the lockdowns and social distancing restrictions that have been in place over the past two months.

“Thousands of Australian lives have been saved, when you look at the experience of how coronavirus has affected so many countries around the world,” Morrison said.

“But we now need to get a million Australians back to work. That is the curve we need to address.”

As well as Australians getting back to work, we will also start enjoying going out again. This will have on-premise venues facing big challenges create COVID-safe workplaces, as these are also environments where the public will be meeting and those social distancing rules will need to be in place. We have seen many states and territories allow venues to open recently and the roadmap for others areas are in place.

All of these lockdown easing measures see restrictions put on the number people allowed to enter premises, and while we don’t know all the protocols for certain, what we do know is:

  • the obligations and duty of care to staff, patrons and the general public will not diminish, they will increase;
  • customers will prefer their ‘new normal’ to be as ‘normal as possible’ – they will not want any new protocols to be uncomfortable, threatening or intrusive.

Exact Technologies

But how will venues be able to manage that and still attract customers and give them confidence that is safe to be there?

This is where a company like Exact Technologies can help, as CEO Steve Van Zwieten explains: “Venue operators are currently being inundated with marketing and information about how to manage entry, population and temperature screening. In short Temperature Screening Solutions and People Counting Systems.

“In fact there is technology that can help. But we all know that jumping to a technology solution can be expensive and can deliver undesirable outcomes. Technologies are most expensive when you don’t get the outcome you want.

“We want to help venues manage this transition to the new normal successfully and help them to help customers feel less concerned and uncomfortable with the new reality that is this coronavirus era.”

Exact has a couple of tips on what you should be looking for, to help your venue.

  1. People Counting – make sure you have access to real-time data with alerts. Most people counting software provide delayed reports – these are inadequate for assessing occupancy now and could cause problems of occupancy compliance.
  2. Temperature Screening – look for solutions capable of quick measurement, able to track multiple entries simultaneously and with mechanisms for minimising false alerts.

And as Van Zwieten explains, this is where Exact Technologies comes in.

“We can provide a free consultation to your venue to help determine the solution that best fits your needs and delivers you the best value.

“We know that every venue is different, and our extensive experience and expertise in clubs, pubs and licensed venues means that we know we can help you create a safe and inviting new normal.”

Call Exact Technologies now to book your free consultation:

Phone: 1 300 253 332


Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.