It is very easy to become blinkered in the needs of staff training; the priority can easily become simply making sure employees know the procedures and processes of your business and then that is them trained.

But workplace based training is about some much more than showing your employees the ropes, it’s more than giving them knowledge on how your business works and the basics they need just to do their job.

With an effective workplace training strategy in place you can unlock so much from your team, you can improve employee morale, you can give your staff more confidence and perhaps most importantly for any business, you can improve sales.

Whether you are a small retailer, a venue operator, producer or supplier, the fact is that if you are not operating at peak performance then you have room for improvement and when your staff are well trained productivity will improve and you will see a higher quality of work.

One organisation dedicated to helping you to unlock the full potential of your staff and your business is Workplace Training Strategies (WTS), a successful, dynamic and results-driven Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 21859).

What makes WTS special and what makes them particularly relevant to all businesses within the food and beverage and hospitality industry is that they will tailor each training course to suit the specific needs of your staff and your business.

“With WTS employers can set the goals and then we will include these goals into our learning programs around those goals,” said WTS’ Client Relationship Manager, Samantha Opsblum.

“Investing in your staff shows how much you as an employer value them and their time; this will help to improve loyalty and staff retention. All of which is a benefit to you because it means you’ll have happy staff working for you and also retention is a time and cost saving to you as an employer.”

With a large range of courses on offer including Certificate and Diploma qualifications, and Leadership, Management and Corporate training, WTS will take you and your company from good to great.

Anthony Dawe of The Bay Hotel in Victoria was particularly pleased after his dealings with WTS: “As a business we needed to up-skill our existing staff. With a previous connection to Workplace Training Strategies, I had confidence in using their expertise in ongoing training,” Dawe said.

“The training enabled us to focus on specific skill gaps or requirements by modifying the course content to be specific to the venue.

“The combination of having a personal approach with tailored training strategies as well as set course work ensured we were able to meet our business objectives. The routine follow ups from WTS consultants allowed consistency of training as well as a growing relationship between WTS and our staff. By having a confident trainer with clear experience in the industry, it enables our requirements to be understood which specified and tailored our training. This understanding from an operational perspective has been invaluable.

“Since training with WTS there have been significant improvements in our staff’s upselling skills. Our staff are much more competent and this has improved overall efficiency in our business. It was a very positive experience and we would not hesitate to use WTS again.”

It was a similar story for Tim from the Settlers Run Golf Club, who said: “WTS have been exceptionally helpful for our staff. The whole process has been streamlined and professional, from the initial meeting, to the sessions and coursework.

“No difficulties at all helping out anytime, and it’s been great to have a trainer who has done the hard work and gained the first-hand knowledge. I would highly recommend WTS for any business looking to further their staff education.”

So if you are looking to improve employee morale, improve sales within your business and make sure that you are operating at peak performance, then look at workplace training as a great way to bring that and look at Workplace Training Strategies as the organisation who will help you to deliver those improvements.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.